Anyone Else Have a Boat Buying Problem?

Well lets just look at the last year. One coleman canoe, one We-no-na canoe, one Epic kayak and have been trying to get ahold of a hobie for fishing, but they are hard to get right now.
Three (will be four) per year isn’t bad?
Beyond a year of ownership they don’t count.

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No problem buying them. Problem is selling them. :joy:

Next topic should be how much gear do you have? :flushed: :scream:

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I don’t just like paddling them, I enjoy tinkering with them as well. The new-to-me Chatham already had new hatch covers, so I gave it a thorough cleaning, skeg tune-up, replaced all the bungees, new perimeter safety lines, new handle lines and added bungee toggles. First time I’ve used orange and it’s growing on me.


Looks sharp! It might not be the best for visibility but I have grown to like orange boats in general… especially with some nice blue deck lines.

Do you have a local place that you source your materials from or anywhere you recommend online? I’ve typically just bought bungee and stuff on Amazon and it has been fine but nothing great.

I hate to cover mine but I do. I love to look at them. I was out yesterday and next two days are rain so I didn’t cover the one I was out in. No UV damage possible. That boat I paid 900 for and searched for well over 6 years could be 8. I saw a few but never within even a crazy driving distance 8 hr one way.

I make it a day we jump in Excursion be there at 8 or 5 am if the seller wants. Then we sightsee a bit on the way home and eat somewhere. Check out the town some are quaint.


My only problem is I will go to great lengths to get a boat I want, fortunately, there aren’t to many I want.
I get comfortable in a boat and I stay there.

Sounds like if the folks in this group sells half their boats, the national shortage of boats would go away.


:dizzy_face: Sell a boat? What?


If you the room for storage, you like working on boats, and make money when you flip them you don’t have a problem, you are an “enthusiast.”

When you pay for storage, have wrecked boats sitting around or lose money when you sell them, you have too many boats.

If some of them don’t get used for a couple of years, you have too many boats.


Problem? What problem? Other than living on a lot that is too steep to have either a driveway or garage built on it. So I bought a rental property up the street for $80,000 and then dropped $20,000 on building a two car plus workshop/boat storage garage so I didn’t have to stack the fleet on the floor and dangling from the ceiling of my walk out basement.


Oh yea sure… I don’t pay storage. I got three garages :wink:. Making plans for a barn.


Not a problem, but a passion! Canoes, Kayaks, and Sailboats are my passion, not my problem! I don’t count 'em. I use 'em!

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Just acquired #21; an old, well used, Whitesell Piranha. Going to attempt a restoration on it this winter.

What problem?
I ain’t got no “stinkin” problem!!!



funny, last boat I sold, maybe a month back, was an “old, well used, Whitesell Piranha”. $40, buyer was more than happy, and bought a couple paddles and a pfd/whistle/knife as well…Had 18 for awhile, now down to zero…hakuna matata.
Sold my last drysuit as well, but keeping 2 decent paddles, a few pfds, helmets and of course my poles…tired of shuttles, but enjoy messing about in a little rock infested whitewater, and possibly ready to mellow out on some of the scenic little slow moving rivers as well. Planning on a retirement move within a year, so need to avoid the madness my yard once was.

My method seems to be, Sell 1, Buy 2.


Sure did yesterday. I drove 2 hours to buy a P&H Capella 166 only to find out it was actually a 160. Sooooo, I called a buddy who lives about 300 miles away who really wants a 160 and ended up buying it for him. He will pick it up from me in a couple weeks. Alas, I’m still searching for a 166.


Shhhhhh, one must NOT discuss such sensitive subjects, especially if one has a judgmental, and non-open minded spouse, or other family members.

Quick, someone nuke this thread to eliminate the evidence, lest it be read and used against those posting here. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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IF you buy second hand more than likely you can turn around and re-sell it for pretty much what you paid.

Further more if ever there was a time to sell it’s now. Many boats, even relatively old ones that might be 5-10 years old are selling for the brand new price they fetched back in the day!

See brand new boats have gone up in price due to dollar devaluation as well as supply chain issues but you the buyer are protected from price gouging because the dealers are upheld by the manufacturers to sell at a certain price point.

This doesn’t stop profiteers (or in some cases dealers themselves buying from their shop to resell on a private ebay page that doesn’t state they are dealers) from asking unreasonable profits because what you are seeing is that there is almost no new inventory. You can order a boat now but 9 times out of 10 you won’t be able to get it until well into next year. So a brand new boat right now is actually a pretty good deal if you are willing to wait a year. The fact that you can get it RIGHT NOW makes the second hand boats very overpriced. Never seen anything like it.

Well, not yet. I’m currently 13 days after a full knee replacement so I’m still healing but I’ve already informed my wife that as soon as I’m able, I’m going to get a kayak. :grinning: