Anyone Else Have a Boat Buying Problem?

Asking because my wife believes that I do. And she’s right :slight_smile: If I see a good boat at a good price, and I’m even remotely curious about it, I’m likely to buy it. I don’t live in an area where there are tons of boats for a guy or gal to just try out, and a limited test run is only a snapshot anyway. Some I’ll keep for a year or two, others for less. I often do a little maintenance to them and end up selling them to someone I’m acquainted with. I like meeting other paddlers and those interested in getting started, so it works out. I’ve probably sold 3 or 4 over the last couple of years.

I was really interested in the Chatham when they came out but never got around to getting one. This one popped up on my radar for a fair price so I snagged it. I have 2 other boats that are in the same category, so I didn’t need it, but why not? I’ll spend some time in and see how things shake out.

So, who else suffers the same affliction?

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Bought what I want. Not a big seller of things.

First SOT
Hobie Quest 13 hers
Ocean Trident 15

Then Current Designs
Solstice GT
Eddyline Journey hers
Extreme regular deck
Extreme HV
Libra XT tandem
Expedition HV

Basically in that order. Guess I could sell the Extreme regular deck but why bother I’ll jump in it once in a while. Plus I paid 300 and a long journey to get it. Then spent 600 additional to make it like new. Many hours of work, tons of cursing, but I learned a lot. Now I can’t sell it’s part of me :joy: Life is short make yourself happy. Women buy all kinds of crap too. My partner has 30’ of closet downstairs alone stuffed. She’s happy I don’t care. Everyone can then be happy.

Think I’m done maybe one skeg boat for the hell of it. :peanuts: S

Taking summer off I’ll paddle them all even the SOT with my new :dog2: we got last year.


Infected with the same kayak buying illness…you are not alone!

Why not…use it a few times/years and sell for the same or near same price.

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Given that used boats can be sold for basically what you bought, if you have the space to store a boat, this is great way to try many boats for little money.


I have the affliction too, but it’s slowing down a bit as I find kayaks that I like. And my storage space is full so a new purchase means something has to go.

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My name is Bob, and I’m a canoeaholic. Have 20.
Not apologetic about it.
I’m starting to slow down a little; a few years ago I topped out at 25.
Seriously! :canoe:

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Glad to hear I’m not alone! Heck, it looks like Bob is a lock for Group President at this point.

I paddled the Chatham 17 tonight and we get along quite well.


I don’t see it as a problem. I’m down to nine boats. They stay in the barn. I have never had to take one a blanket or a sandwich. They don’t jealous if I bring another one home. Some people that are not paddlers ask why so many boats. I explain that it’s just like Golf. You could play the whole course with a putter but it’s better if you have the right club for the shot.


I don’t think I have a problem, but I have probably owned close to 20 sea kayaks over my40 plus years of paddling. I found what worked best for me is to buy used if possible. If the boat didn’t pan out, I’d sell it. It usually took me a season of paddling the boat to know if I liked it or not. If I needed to sell it ,it was usually close to what I paid for it. Cheap rental! The one boat the haunts me, that I was forced to sell was my Evergreen Triton. That boat was well built ,light and stable and the fastest sea kayak I ever owned. It seemed to have an extra gear when you needed to push it. The down side was the boat had too much volume for me and it would lee cock. I built what I called a WIND FIN that I mounted at the stearn deck to give the wind more area to push against that helped swing the stearn downwind. That helped, but the day I was paddling in strong beam winds and got blown off the top of a wave, me and my boat airborne, I came home and listed it for sale.

I also don’t see my habit as a problem. My wife would disagree.


Yeah, I have a boat-buying problem … I want a new boat and can’t come up with the money!

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Yep, I have bought two in the last couple of weeks. An older Tempest 165 to keep at my folks place in NH for when I visit in the summer, and a Mirage 580 for the Everglades Challenge. That puts me at 5. My problem is storage as I can only keep the smallest one where I live… since I live on a boat!

Nearly every serious boater has some form of this affliction. It can be compounded by having several types of boats at once. Currently I have a power boat, drift boat and some canoes. I have sold the raft, the kayak and the sailboats.

If you make money on your boat purchases, and store them at home the problem is minor. As I age I am turning loose some of my boats and outdoor equipment.

But the tendency is to always be on the lookout for the next really well made old boat.

I’m right there with you, brother. I’ve currently got 11 in the garage, 4 on the back patio as “overspill” and one in the shop for repairs. But they come and they go. It is honestly the best way to advance as a paddler and learn which features deliver what you want. Any serious kayaker owns at least 6. I need at least one or two for whitewater, one or two for downriver distance and racing and one or two for flatwater training. Throw in a few rec boats to get other people out on the water and you have a fleet pretty quickly.

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My friends laugh at me because I currently have six kayaks left and don’t want to get rid of any more. I’ve done the same thing with paddles and PFD’s. I justify the expense by reminding my family that the price of used kayaks is less than the cost of a single maintenance service on my neighbors’ power boats.

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If you love them and paddle them keep them. I wish I had a dollar for every time I heard somebody say, “I wish I would have never sold that boat.” I don’t regret selling them, but if I could get the Necky Looksha IV, Prijon Beluga and Loon 138 back I’d have to seriously think about it.

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I have 5 kayaks and 1 small garage, I would have a lot more kayaks if I had somewhere to store them :slight_smile: I have priced out a shed but I worry I will just fill it and then wish I had built a bigger one.

I have only sold one boat and I regret it. This was back when I just had the 1 boat and wasn’t paddling much. I hated the ocean cockpit and lack of primary stability so I bought a new one and didn’t think I would need to keep the old one around. Now though, I really wish I still had it… whilst I hated it then, I was also a worse paddler. I think I might actually have enjoyed using it now.


“But the tendency is to always be on the lookout for the next really well made old boat.”

Yup, I just bought a kevlar Curtis Northstar in really nice shape that Dave had for sale. Couldn’t resist. And anyway, I needed a replacement for the tandem I sold last summer. :slight_smile:

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So far and being kind of new to this we just have two (his and hers) but I do have 12 bikes in the garage and even though I’m happy with the two we have for our needs I find myself looking at CL boats for sale daily and when I see one on the road side with a sign I take a look.

My problem right now is more of a tinkering with the one I have problem. Is that a symptom of what is to come with buying more boats? I have been fitting this and tweaking that pretty much from the day I brought the canoe home. It is great fun and not costing much so I hope it is harmless. :canoe:

After decades of organizing overnight trips, and supplying equipment for my friends, I have made a change. I let people buy some a new equipment before a trip like a throw bag or new PFD. For longer trips like a week when I know boats are going to take some wear from rocks I charge them rent. I charged a good friend $150 for a week, because he knew renting a boat would be more like $300.