Anyone else in ADKs Friday Night?

for the big washdown?

I was solo on lake Lila in site 18 and a tad anxious (first time out with a new tent) but I stayed warm & dry :slight_smile: Closest NWS office pegged it at 1.8" of rain in 12 hours.



Forcast killed our trip…
Sorry Glen, I was looking forward to hooking up and seeing you fine Bell canoe you paddle, but the forcast was pretty iffy for the weekend and we had a couple of friends who might not enjoyed the thrill of sitting under a tarp for 24 hours.

How was the foliage? Robin

The foliage was very nice…
and a surprising amount of it was still on the trees saturday morning. I have to say though, that one of the things I love most about this time of the year is the smell- glorious. I did not bring my camera, given the forecast I knew I’d need a lot of time to make my camp “more perfecter”, so I have no pix. I was hoping to peruse your Chesnut, also- you paddle Canadian style? eh?

Hopefully next time, Robin-


70% Attitude 30% Equipment
I spent the weekend on Follensby Clear and stayed nice and dry under my new Dan Cooke silicone coated Tundra Tarp. Paddled all 3 days, Upper Saranac on Sat. was a real treat. My best trips are the ones when I defeat the elements.