Anyone ever paddle in snow storm

I would think it would be very peaceful and would like hear if anyone did.


sort of
Heavy early winter snow squall on Lake Michigan, on an unusually calm winter surface. Big fat flakes. I felt like I was cheating and like I was the only one on the entire lake.

Yes, I recommend it.

Yes…whenever possible! :slight_smile:
I’ve always loved snow, and take every opportunity to paddle when and where there’s snow around. In addition to the obvious visual beauty of it, there’s a particular variety of silence that only snow can produce.

Unfortunately for us here in the coastal PNW this Winter, we’re already into Spring (even cherry blossoms popping out everywhere…including in Vancouver at the “Winter” games!), and hardly had any snow down here at sea level all season. I did get up into a couple of mountain lakes this season, so I got a bit of snow paddling in. Not nearly enough, but some is better than none.

Now (this minute), I’m getting up out of this chair, and I’m going paddling. Another night paddle. Wish there was snow as well, but I’ll still enjoy the water, as I always do. :slight_smile:


in maine 8 months out of the year

Heavy Snow is cool!
I have may times. Once on the Wabsh River in Indiana It snowed so hard I couln’t see the bank from the center of the river. So I pulled over and made my lunch under a big tree. Once I was in NE Iowa paddling in a small river while Bald Eagles were catching fish right in front of me. Next time it snows hard go paddle! You’ll love it!

Ever read the guidelines for the forums?

in maine… but not this year - snowstorms have been rather limited this year :frowning:

Can be very peaceful

Nah, we don’t read them.
Thanks for asking.

So far this year, paddled twice in snow. Just last Saturday in fact we practiced racing up and down the only section of unfrozen river around here. If there is water, we paddle. Or you could go crazy indoors.

let me guess
you paddle in slush

Love it!
If the water’s open, I’m on it at least once every two weeks in the winter and twice a week during warm weather.

I’m blessed to live next to a river.

I’ve left the house when it’s snowing and returned with snow covering my boat. It truly is beautiful and peaceful.

Try it sometime.

I once had the remarkable experience of paddling on a perfectly still day with big snowflakes falling onto the mirror like water. It looked like the flakes were falling UP from the bottom of the lake,and meeting their twins falling down at the surface! I’ll never forget it.


Best weekend trip ever (in snow)
We had rented a very small cabin on one of the outmost rock islands of the archipelago. The island was just outside the better known island of Torumskär which was made famous by the nuclear armed, Whiskey class, Soviet submarine S-363 in 1981. (The incident is also known as Whiskey on the rocks.)

On Thursday the meteorological institute had issued a class 2 warning for the weekend. When we packed our kayaks on Friday the wind had already reached gale force and the rain was mixed with ice and snow as the temperature dropped. But as it was possible to find a rather sheltered route to the island we managed to reach the cabin with some effort. The next morning the wind had increased even further and the rain had turned to snow. Hence, nothing else to do but to cuddle up around the small fire stove and to hope for better weather the following day. Good company, good food and the occasional stroll around the island to take in the full force of the weather made it a great day. The next day was calm and sunny as we had a lovely paddle back to our put-in.


During a snow.

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Not necessarily a storm but a hard snow started on a gently winter paddle and I'll never forget it. Seas were like a mirror - totally flat, and it got quiet. Snow seems to insulate sound. We were just paddling along shore in a marsh area. Everyone along never experienced it and it was beautiful.

but if it were “peaceful” I wouldn’t be out there.


Lovely description
Where was your camera?

Yes, have paddled in snow on a number of occasions.

It is very quiet, and very peaceful; has kind of an unreal quality about it, similiar to a really good dream. Also there is “seldom” anyone else on the river which adds to the peace & quiet.

If you’re wearing the proper layering & have good rain gear, it’s not a problem.

A good rain fly also makes it very nice when you pull over to camp.

On the other hand…freezing rain is the absolute worse.


Cameras are okay, but when it comes…
…to the truly sublime, only the eyes can see, the mind perceive, and the heart remember.

At least that’s my excuse every time I forget to fiddle with a camera in the middle of a transcendent moment. :slight_smile:


As I usually paddle in Florida
That would cause other problems.

You are so right, Melissa
I try not to let “getting the picture” ruin the moment, and sometimes put the camera down to totally enjoy the experience, especially when close to wildlife. On the other hand, using my camera has made me a more careful observer, noticing light and shade, colors and composition.

A verbal description, such as the one above, paints a picture, and I see those snowflakes as surely as if I had been there myself.

It’s all good.