Anyone ever paddle in the rain?

There is someone here who will cancel a trip at the hint of rain. Me, I find it soothing. Last weekend I got caught out in a real deluge–can’t imagine anything more beautiful. All five senses in overdrive.

At first I thought this was a joke.

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I thought it might be a parody of the "anyone paddle in a snowstorm" thread, but I'm glad you are serious. I have been caught in rainstorms, and have deliberately gone out when heavy rain was certain to occur, and always enjoyed it. When a storm arrives on big water, the ever-loudening "hiss" of rain on the water as the storm approaches is amazing. I love how rain makes it possible to see evidence of even the tinyest currents at the watrer's surface. It's also amazing how everything beomes "distant" except what's in your immediate surroundings during a real downpour. If I didn't NEED to be on the water and it was going to rain all day, I might make other plans, but in any other situation, rain generally turns out to be no big deal at worst, and amazing at best.

My wife says that I shouldn’t paddle in the rain; I might melt.

The two best things about rain in my opinion:

  1. It assists in recharging the springs & puts more water into the river.
  2. I like to hear a soft rain on the tent’s rainfly; especially when I wake up in the middle of the night,

    and am warm & dry & “not” out in the rain.

    It part of being outdoors, and out on the river, but I prefer sunshine to rain, snow, sleet, hail, and freezing rain.


Some of my favorite paddles have
been in light rain on warm days. Very quiet,calm, power boaters are all gone.

My criteria
If I get caught in rain or a storm, so be it, and I still enjoy the trip, and I have been caught in many.

If they are predicting 20 percent chance prior to the paddle I will still go.

If they are predicting thirty percent it is a toss up

If they are predicting anything higher than 30 percent than I will not go

But that is easy for me to wait out the days since I am retired and can pick and choose.



Power boaters, touristy paddlers, and most everyone else is gone. Very quiet and serene unless the wind is howling, at which time I may reassess.

it’s rained here for the last 2 summers. isn’t that why they have dry tops , sprayskirts etc… so you can still get out there. i just figure that these individuals are really not into it that’s all. oh well, more wide open space for those of us who are.

We Float In Water
Water carries us in vessel,

from conception into each day,

and flow of sun in all gives color

midst the lillies of Monet

oft we’ll come to our landings

of rock and mud, our earth,

but it is with water from which we came

we fall to bring rebirth


What’s a little rain…
…when you’re geared up for getting wet anyway?

Rain, snow, fog…it’s all good. Wind-driven hail with lightning gets me off the water.

Arizona Monsoons
come from ice! The raindrops hit with a force that can break an umbrellas easily.

Yet, I’ve done it.

Put my poncho on and try tocontrol the boat’s rocking until it’s over and i can warm up and continue on.

Oh, please… take it to Discussion.

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once in gear
It’s no issue, even kinda neat the way it changes sound and textures. Plus I am going to be getting wet soon enough anyway. But I do not enjoy dealing with the boat/gear before hand. One day I’ll have a big enough garage…

We love the rain,
and will paddle in the cold.

But the rain AND cold, and I will wimp out. Unless I’m already committed, of course.

Lightning in Florida is a fact of life. We try to get off the water before the afternoon storms hit. Great adrenalin rush when we don’t make it.

BTW, g2d isn’t a Nazi, just someone who follows the lines in the parking lot even when the store is closed, and the lot is empty :wink:


I live in WA. Need I say more? :slight_smile:
I will add this: I paddle almost every day. You do the math. :slight_smile:


It was raining the day that
Uglyokie proposed to me on the Current River last spring.

I said “yes” and we got married the very next day (Missouri doesn’t have a waiting period).

So yes, “I DO” go paddling in the rain!


It’s nice . . .
unless there’s lightning.

My uncle was struck by lightning while in a boat. Don’t want to find out the hard way it runs in the family.

rain gear always on board …
… let it rain .

Most beautiful moment
My most beautiful moment paddling occured on a nearby lake in the summer. On the way back to the boat launch we go caught in a rain. All the boats were gone and we were all alone floating on this body of water which was so still and straight and dotted by raindrops that it almost looked like an asphalt parking lot in the rain. Very surreal.