anyone ever rent fish kayak guide?

Wondering what you guys that have gone on holiday expect to pay for a guided fishing kayak trip? What can I expect and did you have any complaints in the company you chose?



Fishing Charter
I went with Derick at

for a half-day when I was in St. Petersburg, FL earlier in the year. According to his website rate is $ 150/half day. I think that is low considering he has to bring his kayaks, fishing gear, etc.

I didn’t catch too much probably based on my lack of skill, rather than the guiding but learned a little about staking the boat in shallow water. Kayak was really stable SOT.


Northern VA

fishing charter
I have gone on 2 fishing charters one in Wisconsin another in Georgia. They were night and day experiences. One was VERY vulgar, Very short tempered, and tried to sue me for scratching his kayak on a submerged stick. The other was polite, very informative, and patient. Do your research before you book don’t go in just because the price is right, and never just think because they are recommended by a manufacturer that they will be good.