Anyone ever use Malone Autoloader

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with Pungo's. I am looking to purchase a couple of sets of J Cradles to carry 2 Pungo's on top of a van, curious if anyone can share experiences good or bad relating to use of the Malone Autoloader J Cradle and wide Rec boats ?? Thanks in advance for any return info.. (I will use a Thule rack on a Chrysler town and country, short spacing between front and rear rack, about 31")

Not Pungo
Typically carry 2 16’x22’’ kayaks, but once in a while throw 6.25’x26’’ ww boat on top. Works just fine.

I have a set of older ones…
On my Subie factory rack for several years and they work great. I think the newer ones are a little higher to accommodate the wider boats.

Have used both J-cradle and wing versions without any complaints. Easy to install–newer versions have a single clamp which adapts to either round or flat cross-bar and they are defintely less costly than the yuppie bars.

Malone loaders
I LOVE my Malone J’s. I have a glass boat so I really appreciate how these carriers are both gentle on my boat, easy to load (I’m a short gal),and are strong, dependable and hold up to every element. I forget to take them off in the Maine winters and they come through unscathed. Plus, I love the way they look, simple and artful in a techy kind of way. K.

made rear loader
My helper is short and bad back. Told the boys I wanted to build something to help load the kayaks. They spent half hour looking at the van, then off to Lowes. Returned with a pile of pvc pipe and fittings in different sizes.

All they did was have three pieces go under the rack and one on the outside of the rail. Two cross pieces and the back cross piece has the next size pipe over it. All I added was no slip stuff that gos under a rug on the roller. Go past the end of the van just abit. For under $20 we got a loader.

We had to replace our j cradles once. Had the older model and the rubber came off. The new ones are a lot lighter and thinner plastic.

I did it , I bought

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2 sets of the Malone Autoloader "J" Cradles. used them twice this weekend. Can't say enough good about them. They work better then I expected. The ramps are a big help when pushing a boat up into the cradle , van's are high. No regrets on this purchase.. Thanks for the thoughts and advice...
Paddle on !