Anyone familiar with Nova Scotia east coast?

I would like to head out to NS this summer going through 100 wild islands (north of Halifax) for camping and maybe some other spots. Other than the popular surf beaches, does anyone know the locations of surf/tidal races on the outer edges of the islands or at what conditions I would be more likely to find them?

The outer edges of those islands are about as exposed to open ocean as you can get. I have never paddled out there but I used to dive out there. Ground swell is common but not what you are looking for. You need bad weather to get the surf you want. That being said I would not want to be out there in bad weather. That is one unforgiving coastline.

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Pick up a copy of Scott Cunningham’s book " Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia", which shows a number of paddles along the eastern shore, I paddled a few of them while living in NS.
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Also check out Coastal Adventures,

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