Anyone familiar with Simon River kayaks?

I am in the process of researching competitive kayaks for purchase.

Simon River Sports has very competitive prices and their response to my inquiries have been great.

I would appreciate comments from anyone who has knowledge of these boats. It will help in decision making.



I’ll Echo that Request
The staff there immediately responded to my queries with a high degree of graciousness and camaraderie. I’ve heard very good things about their paddles (wings, etc.), and they seem to be expanding their horizons.

I’ve been perusing the Dart-X, and a couple of others. Curious how these light touring K-1s stack up against the fast runners in the sea kayak class such as Gliders, QCC700s etc. Any opinions? Anyone paddle the Dart?

Hi jack,

i just got your email and sent you a reply, it should be in your inbox now.

Cheers…Joe O’