Anyone fish in an inflatable?

I’m not planning on attempting it, I’m just curious after going out in one for the first time this weekend. I simply can’t imagine sharp hooks and an inflatable kayak mixing well, but have heard of stranger things.

Depends on what you call an inflatable.
A Coleman type, no. But I stillhave a 8 man inflatable raft, its a pretty good one, except it now leaks around the air intakes, and also owned, at one time, one of those big yellow army/navy surplus types. The latter, I could never get it to work right, but did fish from the other one a few times. Actually, it was more fun to fill up with water and the kids would slide down the bow (me too. If you could get the thing to paddle right, not easy with the wind blowing, it was a great fishing platform. Even has a marine grade plywood floor, removable and the main floor is inflated also.

The most successful inflatables I’ve owned for fishing were tube floats. Those are great. Can’t cover much distance, but tube floats do allow you to get out on (in?) the water and fish thoroughly the area you can reach. Great for fly fishing.

Fishing from an inflatable kayak
I fish from an Innova (Gumotex) Sunny. Works great. Lots of room for stuff, stable and sturdy.

Inflatable boats
I have actually fished alot from an inflatable raft like the colemans, then i got a kayak…lol. My 8 year old daughter fishes out of a coleman inflatable kayak purchased at walmart, she is tied to my kayak on a 5’ rope. Have never had a problem with the hooks. I think if my 8 year old can handle it, you would have no problem. Her inflatable kayak has 3 major air cells in it. if she put a hole in one the other 2 would keep her afloat until we got to the landing. Guess it would be different with an adult though.