Anyone fishing the Charleston SC area?

Just moved to Johns Island a couple weeks ago. I’m in heaven! No more 5 hour drives from North GA to go coastal fishing (the fact that I’m jobless helps too :wink:

Anyway, looking to swap fishin info pertaining to the area. Or hooking up with someone to fight a few.


Dang, missed this one…
I am just over an hour drive from C-Town. Head down to Beaufort, lots of access, little developement (Compared to Charleston) and the fishing is AWESOME!



Beaufort isn’t far… I’m on Johns Island, south of Charleston myself. I honestly haven’t seen another yakker fishing since I’ve been here. Have you been getting into many Redfish (spottail)? I’m used to fishing the Gulf and am having a hard time locating the fish here, the tides and currents have also been giving me a hard time!!!

The best I have been able to do so far is locating some tailing fish. But, haven’t gotten any to strike yet. Based on your handle, I assume you are fishing with fly (which amazes me).

My best luck has been drifing the beaches for whiting. I’ve been able to catch dozens in a couple hours on many occasions.