Anyone fishing? What are you ........

Catching? I’m in northern missouri and all the lakes and streams are frozen up. I’m heading south this weekend and will hopefully get to flyfish some spring creeks. I fished two weekends ago at Bennet springs one of missouri’s trout parks and caught a couple 3lb rainbows. So anyone got any fish stories either out of a canoe or not.

Winter Steelhead
I am still planning on getting out the end of this month and first of march. I fly fish also. I have a new 8 wt Orvis I’m dying to try out. Good luck!

but not out of a kayak!

S. IA is froze up rock hard despite the nice weather. I’ve been taking the opportunity to try to learn how to tie flies.


Didn’t Fish Yesterday
But plan on the upper Current in a few weeks for trout, and the lower Black soon for walleye. ww

Good time to build a rod
Everything is still frozen ,so I get out a blank,thread,guides and go to work putting a rod together for my first outing of spring.

This time it’s a Sage blank 7’, Gold Fuji stripper and snake guides with a downlocking reelseat. about 6wt forward. Suffering from acute cabin fever. Can’t wait to use it.

Been fishing
out of my kayak all winter. Mostly for bass and stripers. A couple of trips to the coast for speckled trout and reds.

Im not quite up north, (south fla), fishing here is good this time of the year, the water temps are down in the 70’s, grouper and snapper move in to shore to spawn and they are hungry. March should bring kingfish. This weekend went to duck key, mostly bonefish, reef shark and cudas. I get out as much as possible.

anyone fishing
havn’t stopped. kayaked yesterday and caught white bass. they are starting to stage in the rivers for the spawn. left “upnorth” 20 years ago. havn’t stopped fishing since, ahhh texas.

Getting out on Sunday
Finally. Havn’t been in the water since Jan 3 when it hit 75 in the Valley. Sunday is forecast to be sunny, lite breezes and in the mid 60’s. Smallmouth…look out!

Went today…personal best
Wife and I went on a short float today, not too serious about fishing but did take the rods and some homemade jigs.

To make a long story short, I caught three bass. But…one of them was a 25 inch largemouth, which is the biggest largemouth I’ve ever caught out of a Missouri Ozark stream.

I went on New Years Day, once in Feb., and today. Haven’t been skunked yet. Plan on catching at least one smallmouth each month. (Got one 16 incher in Jan., two 15 inchers in Feb., and one 16 incher today.

Nice Bass, Al_A
On the St. Francis twice last week, Big Creek once, but didn’t fish any. I’ve been fishing less when I’m out with non-anglers, need to break that habit! WW

wow, 25 inch bass…
nice indeed. You know that most record fish (atleast in my area) are caught in the pre-spawn months of March and April. In April 2 years ago, I caught a Red-eye bass that was 3 ounces off the AL state record. I hope this is the year I can get my name in the books. Good luck to you all.


went Sunday
It was a beautiful day, temps in the upper 70’s and little wind. I caught one of the biggest Sheeps Head I’d ever seen and a nice trout. Have a look under fish pics.