Anyone from Kentucky?

Anyone have a map of locations to put in at Green river in Kentucky?

I am trying to create a 2 night trip where I pull out of the water somewhere around Munfordville.

I was looking for a map of green river with parking locations. Anyone have one?

they don’t gots the internet in kentucky.

lucky to have “the wheel”


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Buy yourself a KY Gazeteer and put in at the marine at the Green River Reservoir.

And Seriously…
Watch out for marijuana growers.

Try Mammoth Cave Park
We usually do Dennison Ferry to Houchins Ferry, camping on islands near Turnhole Bend. But that’s an overnighter. The park’s website has a map on it.

No problem
A good trip is from Munfordville down to Houchins Ferry, approx 30 paddling miles. It is 21 miles to Dennison’s Ferry, then 7 miles to the Green River Ferry, then 12 down to Houchins Ferry. Depending on when you go, there are usually plenty of sandbars to camp on and along the river bank once you reach Mammoth Cave National Park, approx 17 miles downstream from Munfordville. I would suggest camping in the park itself, but a free permit should be obtained.

The put-in in Munfordville is located by a city park, so parking is not a problem, and there are parking lots located at each ferry.

Despite various comments from previous posters, it is a very safe trip. Many church groups and scouting troops make the trip and I have never heard banjos, harvested any weed, and wow, I am using the internet… :slight_smile:

Have fun, it is a great paddle.

Nice river
the section through the park is very nice. if your out of state and like to fish. no permit is needed to fish in the park.