Anyone got a Honda Element?

The sales guy said that is a rumor.

Don’t use a hose…
I wouldn’t use a hose to wash out the interior. Just shop-vac out any dirt or pebbles, and then use a wash rag and soapy water. A little Armorall on the dash and door trim, and it looks brand new.

My Element has been great as a paddling vehicle. No worries about muddy boots, wet gear, etc. And the seat fabrics clean out very easily.

Just don’t …
Park it on my street…

ugly cars
…As I said when I drove an old Saab Turbo: You don’t see the ugliness from the inside.

I resemble that remark…
We have a yellow Aztek. I drive with my eyes closed. :slight_smile:

It is a great boat/gear hauler and gets 25-30mph. Makes it much less ugly. Adding green boats to the top makes it look better, too. :slight_smile:

sorry but
I have to see em too much. Work for a GM dealer. Too much yellow.

ah, I see.
They do show up nice at the take out, tho. And friends find us when we’re out and about. I figured, if we’re gonna buy something strange, get the yellow. I only have to look at one at a time.

I got a UFO drivers liscense that I keep tucked in the visor…String, you could use one for your Element. :^D Keep it next to the foil hat.


I suspect that front/rear door interlock is to prevent someone opening a rear door at highway speeds. A 70 mph wind load on a reverse-hinge door could get ugly very quickly. But a speed- sensitive or gear-selector interlock would have made loading a lot easier.

This was one of the issues with the Continental “suicide” doors of the 60’s.

No grok “mulva”…
I’m afraid to ask. Klingon? Hm-m-m. Not enough consonants.

Element Owners
Check out the site

I took my Grandson with me to look
at the Element. He wasn’t interested and wouldn’t even get in it. He informed me that I could not sell the F150. I told him we didn’t have room for his brother and cousin and the response was essentially “So what?” This will take some work.

but how will that fancy 2x4 rack work on it?

With the existing rack it would be
10’ tall. I may have to design another.