Anyone got a Honda Element?

Will the factory racks work for a boat?

Hey String
when did you get one of those?

I didn’t. I’m looking. Very functional
car if you can stand the UGLY.And if it will carry boats.

I just got a new used Suburban; the thing actually gets BETTER gas mileage then the wife’s Jeep liberty! Which we traded in for a Commuter car for her. I kept my truck, Always will have a truck, they are just too useful!! The Sub will be my family camping haul everything vehicle, I used to have an older one and missed the ability to haul 4x12 sheets of drywall INSIDE it!!! Due to the high gas prices I got a great deal on the Sub too!!!

I too, looked at the Element, briefly. The factory racks generally have a lower load rating than the aftermarkets-both however, are very conservatively listed. What turned me off to the Element was the idea that you could not open the rear doors without opening the front first, and the fact that it lacks a center position on the rear seats-effectively, it’s a four seater. Plus the high belt line feels restrictive. they’re not selling particularly well; honda totally missed its target audience here, so they’re selling for fire sale prices. I went with the CRV EX-great little vehicle-clapped on a Thule rack that fits right up, and haven’t looked back. My only complaint is that thanks to kayaking my back’s a tight fit in the narrow side bolstered seat. Beyond that, it’s nimble, fun to drive, etc. Gas mileage is not great, probably a little worse than my Outback on the highway, a little better around town. Anything AWD eats it up.

when they have a small Hybrid SUV (except the ford explorer), i am getting one.

the element is very functional and i think the looks only appeal to a certain age demographics.

I went with
Thule. They have a roof tower that bolts in the same holes the factory rack bolts into. Then you just attach the Thule crossbars and you’re ready to go. I keep the factory rack to use in the winter for my skis. The factory rack actually is a little neater looking, but if you’re driving an Element, you’re really not concerned with looks, are you?

Yeah i think if it was OD green it would look cool!!

Element Style…
I have a blind friend that loves his…

Yep , it sure is UGLY.
Reminds me a saltine tin on wheels.

Not as ugly as
the new Toyota biscuit tin. Also I would not buy a CRV-EX. Wouldn’t want to be kidded that it was named after a portion of the female anatomy.


You Know…
I never thought of that (laughing). Perhaps a custom plate is in order. I’m thinking of one particular Seinfeld episode…

gets the proctologist’s plates? Seriously, though I think the Element looks good, especially when parked next to a Pontiac Aztec.

Even my blind friend…
hates the Aztec…

only thing
worse than an Aztek is a yellow aztek. Although the element is even uglier than either .

I have an Element. I skipped the factory rack and put on a Thule (with fairing) for about the same price. I also went with 58" bars, as opposed to the 50’s. Installation was very easy! Works great for hauling boats. I’ve hauled my 16’ canoe and 14’ kayak numerous times with no problems.

I think the Element looks best in black, so I went with the black. The body panels are less obvious. Honda did find that they missed their target market, but they are selling quite a few of these. I’m not sure about the “fire sale” that was listed earlier.

That’s a good one!!!


I have an element and am happy with it so far.

I purchased the thule bars.I got them extra long

so I have lots of extra space.I also put rubber

plugs over ends rather than what thule gives.

The plugs are round, like those end caps people

put on furniture legs to protect the floor.A buck

or 2 at Wal-Mart.Nice car though it would be even

nicer if they could make it so the back doors could be opened without first openeng the front door!! Ecohome.

We drove one last night and I was
surprised at how well it handled for a box. A truck on the interstate had little effect on it.My wife thinks it is so ugly it’s cute.And it will haul a mess of grandkids. It is a possibility.

And you can use a hose to wash inside.