Anyone got a Swell Scupper 14?

I’m looking for another SOT.

We’ll have them back in stock at Offshore in the Chicago area later this month… New colors, new factory, new layup (and 6 or 7 pounds lighter than previous iterations). We’re big fans of these as Lake Michigan boats, but they’re fast (for a 14 foot SOT) and fun on flatwater too.

I’ve promised myself to never buy another boat without a test paddle and the probability of me getting to Chicago is slim to none.
It would be great to see a review from you once you paddle one.

Just asking… why would you go from the Steller to that? I would add, I have an original Scupper Pro TW and it has been one of the better mid-length SOTs as far as speed. Mine is 20 years old, going strong . I use it on Lake Erie in the summer, I also have a OK trident 13 and it’s better in choppy water( 2 ft and a little more) but it’s about 18# more

The Stellar I bought unseen is right at the very edge of not fitting my 6’5 " frame. It is very rudder dependant and my right leg has little ability to make small movements with the rudder peddle.
I’m primarily a flat water paddler and have always had tracking boats that I control with the paddle. Without the rudder down the Stellar is a battle to control if there is any wind.
My problem with the boat is my aging body.

We have an Ocean’s Kayak version of the Scupper Pro, for sale. The hull is in great shape, with minimal abrasions . Not a pretty as the new ones, but a 1/3 of the price.

We need to talk . And I’ll need to paddle it.

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Thank you for your help.

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A couple years ago, I think there was a French company importing rotomolded boats and a few designs looked really nice. I saw at the time a distributer in Florida .SOT’s with a better profile than the Scupper, I just can’t think of the name

RTM kayaks. the Disco was whaT I Was thinking of

It’s a great kayk for a smaller paddler.