Anyone have a Hobie with pedals?

-- Last Updated: Jun-03-08 3:48 PM EST --

Does anyone have experience with the Hobie and its pedal drive system?

My wife wants one.


Keep an eye on Craigslist
They sell for about 1/3 their purchase price around here.

I don’t care for them. Bad for the back, not good in moving water, shallow water. A paddle works great thank you. Some people love them.

Our Guide had a Hobie
I was in Captiva Florida recently and my wife and I rented a tandem Kayak to go on a guided nature tour. The guide was using a Hobie kayak with the foot peddles. I was surprised how effortlessly he moved around. He had a broken wrist in a cast and thus could not paddle. That setup looked pretty slick indeed. I suppose it is a sacrilege to hard core paddlers to use something like that. But it sure looked like fun and very easy to use…