Anyone have a Targa 130 T kayak?

I would like to take Honey , and grandkids ,paddling and this boat looks like it would do the job.
But, 99lbs!!! Marketing isn’t paying attention.

13’ is kind of dinky for a tandem and that thing is really heavy.

One oddball suggestion: might want to consider the Mad River Adventure plastic canoes. I know, I know, not a kayak, but after renting an Adventure 16 for a couple of days while in Everglades City back in 2012 and exploring Chokoloskee Bay (using kayak paddles, 240 cm in the stern and 230 cm in the bow) my partner and I were impressed enough to seek a used one to add to our fleet of kayaks and a canoe (at that time an OT Guide 147). At 74 pounds for the Adventure 14’ and 85 pounds for the 16 footer (we found one of those for $400, including paddles and a trolling motor) they are significantly lighter than the Targa and have more usable volume and massive capacity for people and stuff – 16 footer rated for 950 lbs and even if you never come near approaching that it helps maintain the freeboard and stability for lighter loads ( and kids and pets bouncing around).

We found the canoe handled quite well and was easy to paddle at a reasonable clip. We even used it successfully on a few class 2-3 streams. These weird poly canoes are a little like a hybrid of a canoe and sit on top with their low gunwales. Pretty bombproof too.

Another aspect that makes them a good family outing craft is they are set up to add that electric trolling motor (which can be useful at the end of the day when younger passengers are tired and cranky and not much help paddling back to the launch site.)