Anyone have a tent fan?

I’ll Vouch For Pat’s Little Fan
Bought one right after that trip last year. We also have the heavier overhead fan for the Element. Hey, I’ve spent enough years camping here in MO summers without one, I’ll be a wimp, thank you, and use that fan! WW

Build a tent air conditioner…

– Last Updated: Jul-14-06 10:52 AM EST –

I found this set of plans on the net this past winter and built one. It works pretty good, and is somewhat cooler than a fan alone.

It does require a daily supply of ice. I was lucky in that I work in a lab and was able to obtain a platicfoam cooler with 4" thick walls. It will keep ice for two nights of use. In addition, mine runs on a nine volt battery which runs longer than, and is quite cheeper than the D-battery fans. The only thing I added to the original design, is an 1.5" 90 degree plastic tubing elbow as an outlet, it allows you top direct the cold air in a horizontal direction, rather than only verticle. I was able to obtain all of my supplies for free except for the battery connector and switch and 9-volt battery which all together cost about $4. Add $.99 for a plasticfoam cooler and $10-$20 for a computer fan. I also attached my fan with machine screws and large washers instead of duct tape.

Hope this helps,