Anyone have a tent fan?

I’m planning a few days on the river in late July. 80 degrees+ at 90% humidity causes me to have a lousy nites sleep. Any suggestions?

Batteries and…
go to wally World and buy a handheld fan that runs on batteries…(couple of dollars…).

look for one that has a hanger like a clip or lanyard so you can hang it in your tent where it’ll blow on your head…

For larger tents check the camping section for a battery fan (D cell) that also has a light in it.

Take along a small air conditioner if
if you have room, put it just outside the screen window with it blowing in. It’ll help. Heavy though. Works better if you put a tarp or the like over the top and duct tape it to the tent, making sort of a duct. Don’t cover the exhaust vents at the rear. This assumes, of course, you’ll have electricity.

cold water swim right befor bed
and sleep nekkid! If the water seems too warm plan for a long soak rather than a swim.

Yor are camping too far south! ;^)

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Go north young duggae, go north!

How about no tent, just a tarp roof and net sides.

Cool water soak will lower the body core temperature for hours. Normally 20 minutes is enough in water about 76*f to 78*f. If water is warmer try 40 minutes or so. Note: This is a soak and not a swim. Swimming produces more heat and takes a lot longer to produce the same effect.



Hammock =
best convection cooling possible in summer. Last week in the PA Laurel Highlands I had to add a sil-nylon undercover to my Hennessey hammock to ward off the chill of 50-60 degF nights.


You bet!
A great friend of mine bought me a Coleman tent fan. I use it every trip that the night air is above 60. I have it positioned so that it blows a soft breeze across my face (equal to a ceiling fan in a bedroom). The D Cell last for a couple of 6-8 hour nights. If the naturalist/minimalist zealots attack you about this, just let it go. This is the finest camp luxury made (especially for you in the Ozarks (at 88 degrees at 1 am in the morning.) Besides, you have to keep up with the Jones’ as I know that PatII has one.

Good luck Doug,


If you can’t find it at Walmart, look at

Got my son the one w/the light built in and the little one that clips on. Both are great! Good luck.

Too hot
Wha ho, Pilgrims;

Ah’s still lookin’ fer a Coleman fuel powered aar conditooner fer me tent…

Fat Elmo

Fall camping comes to mind.
I just don’t do summer camping here in Texas, which means from late April to Mid October.

Retired, you say?
80+ and 90%! Get on I-70 West and don’t stop until you pass under the continental divide. The first lake on your left is Lake Dillon. One wool blanket night not enough? Keep going to the Leadville turnoff and try Turquoise Res. or Twin Lakes. You will probably want two wool blankets or a sleeping bag + blanket. Save the Missouri paddling for Autumn. The only problem you might have is returning to high temp/humidity.

battery fan during TX Water Safari
My wife is using a small battery operated fan in her tent when serving as my team captain during Texas Water Safari. It saves her life and reduces a number of complaints I have to hear about dragging her into the safari.

12 tips for Team Captains and 10 Tips for Paddlers Starting in Texas Water Safari:

My hats off to you if you even tried the
Texas Water Safari. That can be one tough run. And, daytime temps even when its held can be brutal in that part of Texas, especially once out of the short section of Texas Hill Country. As for night time temps, not much better and the humidity factor usually gets worse at night…not that its good in the day time.

Hammock and Muslin…
Posted this on another site…

hang a waterbag above the head of a hammock, leave off the tarp, and cover the tent with muslin soaked in the stream or lake, then put one end of the wet muslin in the waterbag and drape the remaining Muslin over the ridgeline of the hammock…as the water evaporates it keeps you cooler…think wet t-shirt on a hot day…

works for me…

Yeah, take a dip

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into a 72*F spring pool and float around in it for about ten minutes. By the time you climb out wanting any sort of breeze will be the last thing on your mind. Lots of springs here in Florida and they stay the same temp year round.

Doug, I have a cheap American Camper fan and light combo. It uses six D batteries (not cheap). It has 2 speeds and on low will last through several nights. It really works! The light eats batteries, so I don’t use it. It is handy to get a fire going, too. Just ask WW. Ah, the joys of paddling a canoe that can haul the comforts of home. :^)

See you on the river, soon.

Pat 2

Your making me drool!!!
Dillon, Leadville,-----

Damned, and I still live in the hole in the wall state of Ohio - - what did I do wrong in my previous life!!~!

Reschedule your trip for October! Just kidding…

I believe Coleman makes a number of different battery operated fans. The ones I saw have collapsible blades so they don’t take up too much room and hooks to they could hang from the ceiling.

Good luck!

Thanks for the advice
as well as the suggestions. Colorado? My favorite place to camp in the summer by far. A soak in the river is an obvious option as the Current River is cold even in the summer. BTW, I’d have been dissapointed if I didn’t get at least one smart a$$ air conditioner remark!

And Bob, I’ll let ya know where I find my fan, I don’t want you to be the only one without one!

this is why I love canada and the UP eh
no worries about being too hot, even in summer.