Anyone have an implanted spinal stimulator?

How effective is it at blocking lower back pain? I manage to paddle now but it would be nice if it weren’t drug assisted.
My pain Doc has scheduled the surgery.

Didn’t know what that was so looked it up at WebMD.

Is your doc doing the first step, a temporary implant? Sure hope it helps, string, because pain is not a good thing.

One of my neighbors just had one installed and has been very pleased with results of decreased pain and increased movement. He had choice of two devices and went with one from Abbott. Reports that mfg rep has been present for all activity related to device and is highly praised for that involvement.

Yes, I did the temporary and it worked.
Andy, I also had 2 choices and selected Medtronic. Apparently all companies have a rep present. I hope I get the same results as your neighbor. I would love to get back in a ski.

@string said:
Yes, I did the temporary and it worked.

That’s good news. Wishing you the best for the second round.

Yes, got my eyes crossed…err…fingers crossed that all goes well! Right now we have a house full of noses running…sniff!!