Anyone have an Old Town Predator?

The K111 in looks like a great innovation for us sportsman. Anyone with any comments on it? Looks good on paper but hate to plunk down $650 without seeing it…

Predator 111
I have a 111. I purchased it last spring. Its my first kayak so I can’t compare it to any others. Wildernessweb had the larger version but traded it to a friend of his for another boat last October.

It’s a very functional sportsman’s recreational boat. I’ve used mine for fishing quite a bit this summer. I’ve been wanting to use it duck hunting but haven’t had a chance. I haven’t tried the anchor system out. The rod holder works pretty well. The foam storage thing that goes into the cockpit is pretty useless. I do like the webbed deck storage unit. It holds everything you need for a day trip. I also haven’t done any overnight trips with it yet so I don’t know if it will have the storage space needed. The larger version would probably work better for this purpose. I do recommend buying a skirt for it if you are planning to use during the cold months. The Loon skirt works. If you live in the St. Louis area I’d be happy to let you try it out.

If I’m not mistaken…
the preditor 111 is the same hull as the Loon 111: therefore it should paddle the same as any loon 111. I have paddled some rental 111’s several times… I liked the boat ok, but it doesn’t seem to handle as well as my loon 120. The cockpit is very large so that means wet without a skirt in the rapids. The sliding seat in the boats I paddled were stripped, so the seat didn’t say put, but overall i’d say it was a fine boat for river trips, but not great for covering longer distances (like lakes).

Check out the product reviews on the left for the Loon 111. Good luck!

Thanks yours…
Would love to try yours out but I am in Seattle. I want to use it for duck hunting a small meandering creek but also for year round recreational use in a local river, mild - like class 1. A cheap 9.5 foot yak would work fine for both uses but seeing the Predator (on paper) gave me a bad case of the I-wants. Its a little long at 11 feet for some of the tight turns in the creek but should be ok. Does the backrest on the seat fold forward? What did you pay for yours?