Anyone have any experience of this

Product ?

new advertiser
They are a new advertiser here on First time I saw the ad, it caught my eye, so I checked out their web site. Seems interesting.

Very interesting
I was looking at buying a Pakboat next year but maybe I’ll wait and see.

Also check out Ally Paks
It looks like this outfit has copied them.

They make both canoes and kayaks, and they are very good on their canoe end, so I assume the same with their kayaks.



IE8 isn’t opening the site properly for
me. But with gas prices, having a traveling boat that stores out of the windstream is very interesting.

Not sure I’m comfortable with my paddling partners being able to peek under my skirt.

Hey Nate

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Maybe we should chip in and give one to Freya?

Their website clearly is incomplete and
not ready for serious perusal.

i think these ppl were 1st …
transparent kayaks have been around a little longer , i think , than aqua-xtreme lays claim too…I remember looking @ these a few yrs back…seen a guy paddling the Molokini model way back in 2003 or so , while vacationing on the island of Maui. I’d buy one , just for the novelty of it , if they weren’t so dang expensive.

Have to see how they paddle. Decent prices though… certainly more interesting than the gimmicky stuff out on the market now with “Adjustable rocker” and all that…

Myself though…for folding kayaks, I’m more interested in stuff from Feathercraft,Klepper, Nautauraid, Ally…stuff like that…tried, tested and proven.

or build your own
a Yost design is a lot less expensive and not too hard to build.

super cool name!
anything with ‘extreme’ in the name must be new and exciting, and potentially better and even more dangerous (baaaad) than the competition!, i can’t wait to see one!

“Ferrari of Folding Kayaks”
or the “Full Stealth Sea Kayak”…how about joke or novelty item?

Only the 15 footer looks like it’s

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worth half a damn--Transparent or not.

Lotta loose-lookin' skin on those smaller
blunt frames.