Anyone have any more recent

information on the P&H Bahiya? Out of curiosity, I have been searching but can’t seem to find muchm ore than a handful of websites…

Is this boat not well taken to?


Word of mouth
I’ve not had a chance to paddle one, but my sense from what I’ve read/heard is that it is stiffer tracking and not as fast as people expect.

Sea Kayaker did sa review sometime over the past year.

Peter Orton, now at Valley, designed it. You could email him and inquire.

so, in your opinion
not a good substitute for the Sirius?

I came across a dealer here in Newfoundland getting rid of a bahiya for about 2000 $ canadian.

I still cannot decide what boat to upgrade to from the Sirius. My sirius is my guide boat and I need a new PERSONAL boat :slight_smile:

So far, the only choice that have made my list is

  1. Bahiya P&H
  2. Anas Acuta Valley

    I have no idea what to look at for a new boat… maybe a skin boat? However, I have no mechanical or technical skill lol.


Did you try it?

Did you try it?

The Bahiya seems too new for people to have much experience with it.

The Anas Acuta is a fun boat. Not known to be fast or stiff tracking. It looks like the Bahiya will track better (and be a bit less manueverable).

It seems the Bahiya would appeal to Anas Acuta “nuts” who want a boat a bit more suitable for longer trips.

Quotes from link:

“The Bahiya is an efficient, nimble, responsive and a lot of fun in a following sea. For intermediate paddlers and above, between 140-200 lb. The Bahiya has a snug fit and narrow beam.”

“Characteristics will appeal to a kayaker that likes a VCP Anas Acuta.”

“User Input: Tracks very well but you trade maneuverability. Responds reasonably well to agressive edging. comparable to NDK Greenlander CD Carabo. BV”

just paddled it
I know, I know. i design for Wildy but…I also LOVE to paddle.

Bay- tracks REAL good, especially at the bow. very responsive to boat tilt (edge) and good stability feedback (tippy but predictable) not in the same family as the Anas or Q-boat. trackier than the Caribou, and tippier.

Q-boat- ohhhh soooo looose and very fun. wish i could paddle in SEAS with this one. comfy and roomy cockpit. loose on edge- duh.

just 2 opinionated centavos


Maybe more like the NDK Greenlander
So, maybe the “Bay” is more like the NDK Greenlander which has a reputation as being a good tracker. More “trackier” than the CD Caribou.

It does appear that the “Bay” will be quite different from the Anas Acuta even though they look similar.

Well, after reading through the
above posted links (Thank you by the way), and comparing both the Anas Acuta and Sirius. I think I may be leaning towards the bahiya. I notice that every mentioned the Bahiya tracks extremely well. Can anyone lay out a comparison to the sirius and the acuta / bahiya?


I have paddled the bahiya, once only, and that was going into surf larger than I had been before…I found that edging the bahiya, even in surf is quite maneourvable. In my own paddling, I find edging and bracing to be my most practiced skills and am VERY comfortable edging a boat ( I am most familiar with the sirius and prior to that the capella). Am I correct in assuming that a boat that tracks very well, is sacrificing maneouverability?

This is a concern as I like to spend alot of time around rocks and playing.

the bahiya
was your typical P&H kayak, tracked really well, goes fast, is way too big in the foredeck and aft deck, and sort of dull on leaned turns, edging. I would consider a valley anas acuta if you wanted something fun, if you wanted only one boat and you are over 195 lbs the bahiya might edge and turn better, with my weight at 170 it just sat too high in the water.

well i stand at five foot six and one
hundred and forty pounds.

I want a small ‘fiendish’ boat. The sirius is the closest i have come to finding what i was looking for

For fun and play…
Anas Acuta, Avocet, Romany, Vela.

If you want longer, then maybe the Valley Q boat.

As you like P&H boats, you should reall try a Vela. It is a very neat boat. If I wasn’t too tall (6’) for the boat I would own one now.

you be too small (IMO) for the bay. I’d go Anas if I was your size.

fwiw- after the sympo I rode across on the ferry with Peter and we had a nice chat about, Valley, Wildy, P&H, Bays, Q-boats, whales, Porpi, PNW island hopping, etc.

cool guy!