Anyone have any super simple fish recipes for camping

This one goes back a ways – some names we don’t see much anymore. I do have one friend who brings a fishing pole along, and once in a while he’ll catch something.


He throws it back and we eat fish out of the cooler. One of the favorites is fried fish with boiled potatoes and onions.

Fried fish and Maine Guide Potatoes

Another is salmon on the grill with vegetables.

Salmon and grilled vegetables

Hate to say it, but I wouldn’t eat the fish from a lot of the rivers that I paddle here in the northeast.

I was going to post this, but TomL beat me to it. Also, bring salt and pepper in the foil.

olive oil and salt
olive oil and garlic
Olive oil and soy sauce

When I lived in Norway, my friends would cook fresh caught salmon this way. They also added different kinds of green plant leaves that grow close to the rivers and sea. Some looked like dandelions, some I think are called sorrel in English. The leaves are stuffed inside the fish and give different flavors. A plant that tasted like dill was popular. The plants keep the fish from drying out, and they only cook in the fire for~ 9 minutes, so the fish is sometimes is just barely cooked by US standards. In Utah, in small streams there is a plant that looks like watercress, that adds a peppery lemon flavor and keeps the fish from drying out, my dad taught me that trick when I was Boy Scout

I highly recommend tracking one of these down, it has made my shoreline fish preparations a lot easier

Canned tuna :joy: