Anyone have comments yea or nay

regarding the WS Shenai Pro? One just turned up (kevlar) in this neck of the woods for an unbelivably low price. My pulse is racing, but would like comments from other paddlers. I’m 5’8, 155 lbs. Like to paddle in the gulf.


Did you look at the reviews of it here?

do you have a picture

would love to have a look at a picture if possible


Damned Bean Counters!
Wilderness used to list their retired models on the website. It helped a lot when researching used boats. Now boats just disappear in cyberspace.

Don’t have a picture, but it’s
deep blue/green on the deck, creamy white hull. Has a skeg with the slider control ball. Got a few blemishs and is missing the two hatch covers. I reckon (hope) WS still have some in storage. The boat is kevlar. Has a label inside saying it’s designed by Andy Singer.

I read the two reviews in the WS section and they sound great. I can get a picture taken over the next couple days when I head back that way.

Anybody here paddled one?


tried one out several years ago…specs looked good, but the boat seemed HO Hum…if your really interested…YOU need to try it.

we all like differeant things, otherwise there would only be one boat on the market today.

not really sure which one tho…maybe a nordkapp or maybe a P 140 …

Best Wishes


Nordkapp vs Pamlico 140
Now THAT is funny…seeing these two in the same posting.

Can’t remember which
Can’t remember which hatch covers they used on the Shenai…but I’d check FIRST to see if you can even get new ones for it.

Never paddled this model but back when it was built, they were putting out some decent quality kayaks.

Curious what the price is on it?

Cheers…Joe O’

a guess
it’s a nice paddling boat, weathercocks a bit that the skeg corrects. You’re a bit light for it. If they’re VCP hatches(I think they are)you should have no problem getting replacements.

I think you are right Lee.

I’m pretty sure it did come with the Valley hatch covers. Should be easy enough to find a replacement set of them for sure!

Cheers…Joe O’

Just Sold my Shenai but I loved it.
It was a really fast boat but mine was without a skeg and didn’t track well if you had wind and tide working against you. Otherwise it was great. Just replaced both hatches on it and they run close to $100. for the pair at local kayak shop. It seems to like a larger paddler as I am 6 ft and 215 lbs. Primary Stability is a bit lacking but secondary is great. Will handle a lot of camping gear but you have to pack small for the front hatch. Really hated to give it up but have opted to go to the canoe for awhile and hate to see anything situp unused. Not sure it’s a boat for a novice but it was the one I learned to paddle in, just makes you learn a lot faster. Good luck with it if you decide to buy it, I really think it’s a great boat.

Title you post with the name of the kayak you are interested in, that way people who know the boat are likely to open your message.

Thanks to one and all for your advice
and suggestions. (I’ll put the name of the boat in future posts too…good idea!) A close relative just had a stroke so my cash is headed in his direction, and I’ll have to pass on this boat. The owners were asking $875 plus tax which seems like a sweet deal to me. They are located in Osprey, Florida, just south of Sarasota. If anyone is interested, e-mail me and I’ll relay their data.