Anyone have info on an Allagash from '93

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I am considering buying a canoe and cant find any info on it. It says Allagash on the side. I talked to the guy and he said its in mint shape, almost new although its from 1993.

I know allagash was renamed Penobscot by old town a few years back but the hull is a natual tan what appears to be skin coat like a kevlar finish. He says it weight around 45lbs so I think its a kevlar or fiberglass hull but I cant find any info on an allagash with a fiberglass hull.

I have a pic but this this forum accept html or ubb code?

So, any thoughts on what it is? is it worth $700? Does fiberglass get brittle after almost 20 years?


heres a link to the pic:

I don’t think it’s an Old Town.

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I went digging in some old catalogs and found what looks like your find in a 1997 catalog from Wyoming River Raiders. They carried the Stowe Canoe line, which included Allagash models in 15', 16'6", and 17"3". The 15' was in fiberglass and the other two in fiberglass or Kevlar. Catalog weights for the Kevlar were 50 lbs for the 16' and 58 lbs for the 17'3". The Allagash logo on the side looks just like the one in your photo.

If you're interested I can scan the pages and email them to you in a day or so. Other than that I don't know anything about the line, except that it apparently isn't around anymore.

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Yes there was an Allagash Canoe Company. Not affiliated with Old Town at all. Here in New England we still see them fairly often.

Fiberglass should be fine but $700 seems high for a middle of the line boat. Check the thwarts and seats…there may be dry rot.

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Would you still have the catalogue info on the Allagash 17.3…Kevlar and fiberglass…from 1997 Wyoming River Raiders?