Anyone Hear of Tahe Marine Kayaks

Came across this kayak company…Tahe Marine Kayaks out of I think Scandinavia…they look pretty interesting. Has any every heard of them? Any comments?

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Is Camillus Kayak out of CNY, several of them in our little group of paddlers (Central NY Kayak Club). Seem to be put together pretty well, but I haven’t actually paddled one. Price is certainly attractive, but I’d be worried about parts and customer service issues as a new company. And I believe they are actually manufactured in Slovenia. Which could also be problematic as far as parts are concerned.

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(MN) Tahe Argo Tandem Sea Kayak. Slim hull-shape and round bottom give this kayak good cruising speed. Argo has good stability even in stormy water. Simple, trustworthy and classic double kayak. 20’2" long, 26" wide, rudder, 75lbs. $1200 Call 218-663-6630 paddles and other gear available. In Lutsen, Minnesota. – Submitted by: activities

Thanks for the responses. Let me know if anyone paddles one.

Tahe kayaks are built in Estonia. The same factory used to build Point65 kayaks as well (until p65 moved their manufacturing to China in 2007). As a matter of fact some of Tahe models are identintical to some of the first (now obsolete) p65 kayaks. As for parts I wouldn’t worry too much. Tahe usually use Kayak Sport hatches and rudder systems. I think Tahe is one og the largest kayak factories in Europe and are looking to upgrade their reputation from “low price” to “high quality” (prices are rising). The new “Wind 505” is said to be the first model in their new line of kayaks. I’ve recently heard rumours that one of the top brand of Brittish sea kayaks are moving their manufacturing to Tahe. Having said all this, I have admit I havn’t really paddled any of the Tahe kayaks myself (havn’t seen one that really suits my needs), but they are really popular here (Sweden) and it’s beyond doubt that they offer good value for the money.

Your information is very helpful. Thanks. I may have to look into these kayaks more deeply. Maybe even drive the 3.5 hours to test paddle one or two.

Kaspian Sea Kayaks
In the UK they are sold as “Kaspian Sea Kayaks”. A review is found here:

In Sweden they used to be sold under many different brand names. Basically every dealer had their own stickers to put on the Tahe kayaks. As from a year ago they are all sold as Tahe kayaks.