Anyone heard of this Brand Canoe?

I just bought a Rouge Red Black River Canoe… It is aluminum and pretty old. I can’t find any info on them online. I bought it to flip, so I was looking for a value on it.

does it float…
thats all the matter dat is

I think I may keep this one over my p. marquette fiberglass… half the weight!

great. a canoe ‘flipper’

You don’t flip canoes
Flipping is only done with pancakes on a canoe trip. A canoeist “capsizes”. Further, buying a canoe intending to capsize is strange indeed.

thats bad?

I bought it to resell… THAT kinda flip lol

Market bears.
There’s nothing wrong with reselling a canoe for profit, especially if you spruce 'em up a bit and are truthful with potential buyers. IMO, it helps promote paddling by getting folks who otherwise might not be able to afford it into boats.

Gleaning information from this forum for the purpose of advertising or monetary gain is seen by some as misuse, it seems.

I could see it being read that way… I wasn’t looking to sell it on here.