Anyone here paddle the Perdido R.

in Escambia County, Fla.? I’ve researched it online but would much rather communicate with first hand knowledge. I wonder about the various sections. TIA.


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Perdido ?

have you paddled the Blackwater ?

70 miles from Perdido.

Perdido River
The Perdido is nice river to paddle. There are several good sections. Most of the time I paddle the section from Barrineau Road Brigde to The Pipes. Just pay attention to the no parking signs.

Check out West Florida Canoe and Kayak Club and Florida Panhandle Canoe and Kayak Connetion both groups paddle the Perdido.

The Jim Parker’s website list the put in and take outs of several of the local rivers including the Perdido.

Perdido Adventures is a livery on the Perdido.


Thanks All
dk: Thanks for the suggestion. The BW River is on my bucket list, but I’ll be staying in Peridio Key for 3 days on other business and will carve out a 4th day for paddling. Looks like the Perdido R. will be my best bet; more river time, less driving time.

po40 and reg: Good stuff; definitely will help; I browsed You Tube for paddling Perdido R. and viewed a vid showing a narrow part with a great deal of deadfall. It’s obviously the upper Perdido but I wonder where the deadfall might end. Also the vid did not include put-in and take-out info on the upper. I found the outfitter you mentioned but it is more on the lower section.