Anyone hosed a Harmony pump?

The Harmony pump is s’posed to pump faster, but it has an unusual output chute, not easy to fit with a hose to get water out over a canoe gunwale. Anyone dealt with this problem?

I have one labeled Wildy Systems
It seems to have great volume and a decent “throw” of the water. I would rank it above the Beckson, and also above the yellow ones (ehatever they are).


I didn’t realize they changed them
Mine has a chute at the discharge.

Look around in some of the paddle shops and see if they still make the one with the chute



The one in the Harmony photo has
a strange crushed chute, shaped kind of like a caterpillar from the side. I suspect it’s designed for a good water throw, but in a canoe the pump water exit often can’t be anywhere near the gunwale, so an exit hose must be attached.

I may have mis-replied
In my applications I have not needed a hose.

But if you do for your needs you might visit your local supplier for industrial hose products. There are hoses that lay flat when not in use (drain pump hoses) sort of like fire hose but much lighter. You might find a suitable size and glue it on.


Maybe a length of sheep gut.

That’s the pump I use in my
MR Outrage. It throws the water way clear of the gunwale and pushes a lot of water.