Anyone ID odd-looking 12' canoe?

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Here's yet another small canoe- seller says 12 foot- within 100 miles of home. Note the exaggerated tall ends, & it appears to have a seam that joins a top & bottom half. I've found no info on anything similar yet. A poorly made toy for kids, or just something junky, or something pretty neat? I have no idea.

Here's a link to the ad- if you know what it is, or just have an idea or two on where to search, I'd sure appreciate any info!

EXTREMELY high center of gravity
but for $150, you can get on the water and modify it later. It’s gonna be tippy like it is, however.

That’s a Wedco 12’ canoe. The Wedco company name is associated mostly with gas cans. One came up on Craigslist in my neck of the woods but I passed on it. I found some discussion about them here:

Apparently they were made in Canada and sold at Walmart stores in late 1990s. This ad is asking for less than half of what the seller was asking when it came up here. Might be worth it as a beater.

odd canoe
Sure, the seats have to go- or at least be lowered a lot. (I wonder if the owner dunked himself a few times & that’s why it’s for sale?)

Still, I’ve never seen anything like it. Other than those bass boat seats, it looks almost like it was made for a kids carnival ride. :slight_smile:

Saw one on in Algonquin Provincial Park last month. Not my idea of a good canoe tripping boat but it was part of large flotilla of boats with kids and adults …part of a Scout troop. They were going in for three days…

I read the posts at JLA. One guy seems overcome with internet superiority, but the last post was by a guy who owned one for years & loved it! I could do a DIY-backrest, sit on a Class IV cushion in the floor & use a kayak paddle. Many Thanks, Jason.

Uh-Oh! ;^)
I talked to the seller- gotta drive about 100 miles 1-way to get it tomorrow. He knocked $25 off, I figure $125 is fair enough. They seem to be plenty good enough for flatwater recreational use, & are said to be Light, ~40 lbs. They have a moulded-in triple keel, are ~3 feet wide, & I bet my brother’s kids will love it. If I let them paddle it any! ;^)

PS- There’s an orange one for sale in Maine that claims to be Royalex. Asking price is highr, but for RLX might be worth it.

You’ll go far with the right sponsonship

of that boat. The seating arrangement is very high and your center of gravity also.

I wouldn’t want it for free. I just said I saw one in APP. There was a big group that could fish the kids out, because for sure they were going in even though they did not have those bass high seats in. Its very easy to overload.

I would never want my grandkids alone in one on a big lake.

for the first time

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I'm in total agreement with kayamedic.
I would be afraid, very afraid. I'm thinking if used as a planter, the roses would shrivel up and die. Not into that coaming/deck at all for kids messing around. Looks like a trap.

Keep looking