Anyone in Mass Missing a hatch cover

There’s a perception hatch cover on the center median strip on Hwy 128 SOUTH just north of exit 20B about 1/10th of a mile. I saw it while sitting in traffic last night. No way to stop and pick it up. I have no idea how you would eaily get to the center of the highway safely to retrieve it.

So, maybe you’re advising or suggesting
that the owner of the hatch cover order a new one rather than risking life or limb trying to recover it? Or did you have a question about what to do in this situation?

order a new one

Driving on Rt 128 is pretty exciting sometimes — retrieving a hatch cover from the median would be like playing “frogger” with them crazy Boston drivers comin’ at ya. Nothing could be more exciting than that :wink:

Having lived up there right after college for a while in the late '80’s, I got a good education on what maneuvers cars are REALLY capable of doing…

You should have been there in the 60s,
when many intersections had neither lights nor stop signs.