Anyone in New Orleans area? Help?

Hey-- a buddy will be paddling into New Orleans in about a week. He may need some ground support/place to stay/ shuttle.

He paddled from Montana leaving back in June solo.

Anyone here offer any help?

That’s a tough one. My daughter lives
in the 9th Ward, and we often travel to visit her. I take a canoe, and I have paddled waters such as Bayou LaFourche and Bayou Trepagnier. No shuttle is needed for most New Orleans area paddles. You just put in at a bayou or a “canal,” paddle as far as you want, and then paddle back again. I have never used shuttle.

If you go to the pnet “links”, you will find some Atchafayala paddles described. Another option is to go south of New Orleans to the Barataria Unit of the National Park. There are some good water passages there that we have paddled.

“Canoe Trails of the Deep South” by Estes, Carter, and Almquist, describes some LA runs. Don’t know if the person in question can get it in time.

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New Orleans is tough . . .
. . . I paddled through there a couple of weeks ago. Very industrial, both banks of the river lined with very tall docks for miles approaching the French Quarter. Right at the French Quarter, where the Natchez is tied up you can get out with some difficulty, rip rap just before the Moon Walk. You can get out with some difficulty at Autobon Park, also rip rap and high bank.

I am guessing
this is Joe of “Paddling for Parkinsons” fame?

My daughter lives in a barge board
house about a block and a half from the levee, where the Industrial Canal joins the Mississippi. She has a hilarious fear of my paddling on the Mississipi, as she believes the currents are wild and irresistable and the water is full of chemicals and bacteria. I guess I will have to sneak a boat down the levee riprap and show her.

Yeah its joe
Yeah its Joe Forrester who after three months of paddling is about to reach his destination. He plans to layover in New Orleans until Labor Day etc while his family flies into meet him when he arrives…then hes headed down to Mile-0 SO yes he needs some assistance while OFF the water…such as a place to crash, a portage to the place (doubt he wants to carry his kayak through the streets of N.O. Hes not concerned about the minute details of industrial river life/barge/rip/toxins etc…but needs assistance with layover.

Wish I lived close enough to help!!!
Surely somebody out there will offer…


hope you can still help.
not many paddlers in the N.O area i think

A bit off topic…
Wish I could offer some help but I don’t live near N.O.

I notice that the paddler plans to go to Mile 0. It is located at a place known as Head of Passes. This is where the river splits into 3 parts that all eventually end up at the Gulf of Mex. I believe it’s about 60 or 70 miles downstream from Venice. Thing is, Venice is the last spot on the Miss. R. that can be accessed by vehicle. The road ends there! The only way to take out is paddle back up to Venice or go out into the Gulf of Mexico. Either way looks daunting. I’m not sure about the current there. It may be quite a test to paddle back upstream to Venice. Everything upstream of there is known as AHP, Above Head of Passes; downstream is Below Head of Passes.

An interesting place at Head of Passes is Pilotown. It cannot be reached by vehicle, only boat and is basically a small community on the water. It was at one time a complete town with school and full time residents, families, etc. The river pilots lived there, but not all full time now. They go aboard the big ships and pilot them up to the port of New Orleans. No ocean going vessels are allowed to proceed without a river pilot.

Venice . . .
. . . is around 11 - 12 miles above Head of Passes. I was faced with the same problem and couldn’t figure out a way to get to Mile 0 and back so I reluctantly stopped at Venice.

The biggest problem is that the river bank on both sides is lined with rip rap so there is no good place to get out.

thanks will foward
will forward this info on to Joe. Hes in baton rouge today. If any of you know anymedia contacts down there that would be great too. hes almost reached his goal for the Parkinsons Foundation. Im sure the last of us paddlers will see him though.

He most likely will be needed a place to camp/crash till labor day weekend when his family arrives.

If you havent checked out his blog and photos lately theres a lot more info. blog is at the top under current location/news etc.