Anyone in northern states been on

the water yet?

Before the river froze over, I was able to get out until the day before Christmas. Now that it’s a bit warmer, I’ve gotten out 3 times in the past 10 days. My cabin fever has finally broken!

I had to play ‘ice breaker’ a bit, but the Prowler did fine. I even towed a floating dock into our ramp so it wouldn’t get stuck on the sandbar downriver like one did last year. I had to listen to neighbors complain about the ‘eyesore’ for weeks until someone finally cut off most of the projectiles with a chainsaw. Fortunately, it’s not in the path of speed boats or jet skiis and if a js’er hits it, they’d better give up the sport as there’s still enough sticking out of the water visually.

Yeah, but
…I think you mean northern inland states. Coastal ones have the option of paddling salt water through the winter.

I did my first sea kayak paddle yesterday, after a month of paddling the WW kayak in a pond to start reconditioning my joints after a back/hip injury. So far, so good. Sure was nice to be in water with some motion, seabirds, one seal, big-ship traffic to watch pass nearby.

You’re on the tail end of winter, finally. Good luck getting out there and bashing thin ice!

well, if Connecticut counts?
I paddled this weekend in a river that finally had a melt. Our lakes are still fully ice-bound, but I am paddling again and enjoying very high water levels.

I finally had the right opportunity Saturday; the weather was almost like summer and I thought the sea lions had mostly left the area, so I headed out. The sea lions were not gone, so I had to keep an eye out for them and it meant I would avoid certain areas. Anyway, I had a nice paddle and it was good to be out in something other than a couple of small lakes.

Sunday was another beautiful day, so I decided to try a mountain lake. The lake was absolutely gorgeous and so was the river at the head of the lake. I even found some other paddlers up the river and had some company on the way back into the lake. It almost felt strange to not have to be on watch for the mammoth fish-munchers.

Here in minnesota everything is froze solid. Mississippi might be open in spots, it will be at least until middle of May before all this ice melts on the lakes. Still getting temps in the low teens, so ice is getting thicker before its getting thinner.

last week
paddled the surfski 4x, in weather from 39 and hail to 65 and sunny. Gotta love spring in the NW. Finished off the week with a sunny day of back country skiing on Sunday.

Ice still 2ft thick on lakes near me, as reported by ice fisherman friend yesterday. Had to buy extension for his auger this year. Location southern Wisconsin. Tkamd

Hey Meopilite
From MN as well. Looks like a couple weeks before anything is runnable. Ol’ Miss might be open in spots like you said, but getting off the river might be a challenge with ice still 20-30’ out from shore. I scouted the Miss at Monticello & Elk River. No go for me anyway. New drytop on the way for the cold water temps this spring. (if it ever arrives)