Anyone know about GUL Intnl Drysuits?

I’m looking for a drysuit, and found a used one locally. There aren’t any product reviews for them on pnet, that I can find. Anyone have any info? Intended purpose would be WW kayaking on an SOT, probable swims frequently.



Or what about one of these?


Adrenaline Drysuit

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Ummm, that's urethane-coated nylon. It's not a breathable suit, and will be somewhat uncomfortable, I should think. (Of course, I'm remembering wearing a wet-suit on a warm day, and having cups of distilled sweat filling my booties.)

GUL International looks like a British company that caters to surfers and small boat sailors. Their products aren't stocked much in the USA, which is why information is hard to find.

Not breathable? Don’t waste your money!

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"Non-breathable dry suit" is an oxymoron, as you'll only be dry for the first few minutes after donning it. Shortly, it will become a "damp suit", then a "soggy suit", especially if you're paddling hard and/or tend to sweat a lot. Although breathable suits can get damp during heavy exertion, they will dry out when your exertion level drops. Non-breathable suits only get worse the longer you wear them.

murray sporting goods
I think Murray Sporting Goods in California (the US dealer for Gath helmets) carries some Gull stuff, and repair parts for the Gull drysuits. Might give them a call to see what they can tell you about the suit. I’ve always found them helpful.

In the sailing market, they are considered to be a good drysuit. BUT they do have latex socks which aren’t as comfortable as a goretex sock. Latex socks are bulky and don’t breath at all.

The Gul suits have glideskin neck and wrists and if they fit you may be more comfortable than a latex seal although if they are too big, they may let in too much water. They have reinforcement on the seat and knees as sailors seem to slide around a lot. To see them new and find out pricing, check out your local sailing stores.


he said lots of swimming
given that I wouldn’t recommend anything other than latex neck.

what about Reed?