anyone know about the futura kayaks?

i have been paddling a sea dart14 since april.i love the sea dart,however i would like to find something that is similar to the sea dart but faster. the futura caught my eye. there is the futura spear small toure 16x19/futura II sport touring 19x20/s1-A 18’4x16

i am a female that is 5’5 117lbs and a strong paddler.I paddle out on long island sound most of the time (ct.)

any suggesting would be helpful–THANK YOU :slight_smile:

Howdy Robin! Some threads to check out .

Check out Waterrats comments

Also go to the search feature, type in Futura for the “subject” in the help discussion section … you’ll come up with about 30 threads.


Don’t buy an old one without a serious
look @ the seam and seat area both deck and hull … push on everything.

Be careful with Futura!
I have two Futura IIs and both have quality problems. Very leaky, one had a hatch that ultimately was the wrong size for the hull opening and the other leaked where the rudder pedals go into the hull. There were a few more problems besides these. On the plus side they are stable enough for a beginner to paddle and they are fast. Recovering from a capsize is far easier than most SOTs to. It is really a tough call, a great design but expect problems with quality.

some options
There is a cobra eliminator for sale used on pnet classified. It is a plastic but is a fairly fast and reasonably stable boat. I have no association with seller but it is in delaware and you could probably test paddle it as it is in your neck of woods. Unless you buy a used futura you will have to have it shipped from california which is a big pain and long wait (2-3month)and testing before buying becomes problematic.


Might look at Epic’s SOT
It’s a dinky little thing but all waterline. I haven’t paddled one, but the reports are pretty good. Watch the quality, but the layup on my new (China-built) Epic ski is impressive (some of the details not so much, but they’ll get it).

Or The Current Desings Krestral SOT, But

– Last Updated: Aug-30-06 3:33 PM EST –

Current Designs as a new 14' SOT that is probably faster, and a lot lighter, than the plastic SeaDart, but not anywhere near the same class as a surfski.

I have a Heritage/HopOnTop Kevlar Shearwater SOT that is 18'4" with a 21" design waterline that might be more like a ski, but they were only in production a short time, and very hard to find.

so many kayaks…er!!!
i read all the replies and i thank you all for your input.i have also seen the isthmus 17x21 and the venture sport skuda sit on top that converts into a sit in. this one looks pretty cool. any input on those???it took me 3 months of looking before i bought the sea dart. and i;m guessing it will take me as long before deciding on what my next kayak will be. this is worse then buying a new car.