Anyone know how deep the rear hatch is on a Old Town Castine 145

Anyone know how deep the rear hatch is on a Old Town Castine 145? Will a Ridge Water Container that is 9.25 inches high and wide by 12in long fit in and still be able to close the hatch over it?

Are you going to be camping with that arrangement, or have you reconsidered since this post? When I have camped out of a kayak I have concentrated on many smaller containers, even when I had the Squall, and a fabric bag on top to carry the stuff to the camp site. And in general it is inefficient to put large rectangular objects into a boat with tapered ends, which is why kayak dry bags are available tapered.

Honestly I dont know yet. I am still in the early stages of planning and learning. I will bring my Oldtown Castine 145 Kayak, a trolley, a AquaQuest Hooped Green bivy tent, a tarp, ground cloth, several bottles of water and a small round camping wood stove that my pots fit into. For food on my weekend trip I think just store bought food. When I make the trip to Maine I will order 3 months of survival food which I have had before. I plan to use 15/10/5 L bags.

I hope to get advice on this. I have dreamed of this trip for several years and as a beginner I want to be sure I get everything safe