Anyone know how to see H2O temp on New

River Gorge in WV? Leaving this evening to meet up with a large group for the weekend, and Accuweather has had the night temps in the low to mid 50’s for at least a week, highs barely into the high 70’s. Just wondering what to expect. Neither nor have temp data for that river that I can see.


usually quite warm
The New is usually pretty warm this time of year. Water temps are often in the high 70s in August. I don’t know a source for real-time data. You might try phoning one of the rafting companies such as Ace or Grade VI.

Have a great trip.

Only ran it once, mid-summer, 1.5 or so
on the old gauge above Fayette Station, but as I recall, it was relatively warm, but not sicky warm like the Ocoee can be on occasion. I don’t think water hypothermia will be an issue for you.