anyone know what kind of canoe this is

hi im new here was trying to find out what kind of canoe i have. i see that i cant put a pic in so ill try to tell you what it looks like. its blue about 11 ft 6 in long 35 in wide made of plastic i think. it has 3 pipes in the grooves on the floor it had 2 molded seats in it. i took them out. they slid under the top molded rail.i turned the wider seat around poped it back under the molded rail. slid it back till it was tight. i put the 4 screws back in it. i had to make spacers for the oppsite angle of the molded seat it had ore locks sleaves that slide into holes in the top rail. i took those out . i put a thwart 28 in. from the front of the large blue molded deck.i use a kayak paddle works great i love it will upgrade some day but for now it will do just fine. this canoe is all one molded piece of blue plastic. with 2 molded seats.that hold the pipes in place. any info would be great .

thanks b44mag

Try Posting Pix to Webshots, Etc…
…and post the link to pnet - that’s the best way to show folks the canoe…

Sounds like a Coleman or a pelican

Sounds like you have made the best
of it, and are having a good time. Unless you needed to find spare parts, you probably don’t even need to know who made the thing. Eventually you can decide whether to continue in kayaks or canoes.

lil blue canoe
i have been out in this lil blue canoe a few times i love it i did a 14 1/2 hr float down class 1 2 some spots were a lil bit more like a 3 but it was great got a lil bit of water over the sides but hey its floating your going to get wet sofar i have ended up with 3 canoes a 15 5 coleman, a 15 cleawaterdesign algonquin and this lil blue canoe i have not used either of the other canoes since i got this blue one i use the others as lenders so my buddys can get out on the water its like buying 2 dirt bikes so you dont have to ride alone i do like the cleawaterdesign for on the dams but mostly use the ? blue one still looking for a # on the hull but cant find one yet


If you can find the Hull Identification Number or HIN, it will tell you the manufacturer and the date it was made. It will be molded into the hull near the stem and close to the gunwale and is a series of letters and numbers.

Once you have it, check archives here or use search engine to find HIN site to interpret your number.

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