Anyone near Destin,FL.?

My wife’s family is having a reunion in Destin in mid-November. I have never paddled in the Gulf and if it is 60+ I’m taking a boat.

Any paddling suggestions appreciated. I prefer rivers and creeks to open water. Thanks.

Check Out
I would check out and then go from there. There are plenty of places to paddle in Choctawhatchee Bay just to the north of Destin.

go paddle
The dune lakes to the east. Western and Eastern lake. Also I think Powell lake. Western lake you can access in grayton beach. It’s cool and you can paddle to the beach. Just a google map search will give you the idea. There is a public launch for Powell as well. It also goes to the beach.

You can also paddle forever back in the bay.

Ryan L.

Hey String!

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If I had a bit more notice, I'd join you up there. Check out Blackwater and Yellow rivers. Cold water creek is another. You'll need a shuttle, but there are outfitters. I use my bro-in-law when I'm up that way. I can call him to check levels if you'd like. It's a beautiful area, you'll like the red water, white sand, and green trees.
Edit: Another shameless plug for the Destin Seafood Market in Crestview! Great place for lunch!

Suggest Green Wave Forum

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for info gathering.

Link to trip report and pictures of a Big Coldwater Creek trip.

Thanks. Red water?

Tannic Acid
The red water color is because of the tannic acid in the water due to decaying leaves.

But in places, there are red water weeds
and such that give a red caste to some photos.

Thanks. Our tannin is coffee colored.

My theory…
is that it is the usual tannins in the water, just highlighted by the white sand bottom. It gives it a more colorful look than when flowing over the usual muck bottom of a river or swamp. See it for yourself, and then let me know if you agree.


I was there in late August
At Maravilla Beach Resort, just a bit east of Destin. I happened to have a whitewater kayak (Perception Pirouette) and paddled in the Gulf.

At that time the water was quite warm with gentle beach break and little tidal variation. The last morning I was there I came upon several dolphins swimming/fishing in the shallows near the beach and they came pretty close which was rather cool.

I don’t know about local streams or lakes but I came across a kayak shop in Destin and poked around inside while my wife was shopping for fish at a market across the street. I am pretty sure it was this one:

They had some very nice long kayaks and the lady inside (who seemed to be the owner) seemed quite knowledgeable. I suspect if you called they could give you some information on local paddling options.

Destin kayaking

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i'll be near Destin ( Miramar Beach) Nov 1st to the 8th myself....i wont repeat some of the suggestions made here already...i would suggest you consult the paddler's map here on P'Net for other locations. I'm gonna try the crystal/ black rivers and a couple of other places myself. i'll try to post what i find out when i get back on the 8th.
PS: here's my list so far : Blackwater river / juniper creek /Yellow River

Eglin AFB
Eglin air force base has some nice creeks for paddling and might be worth considering if you can find other paddlers to arrange shuttles with. Paddling there requires getting a recreation permit from the base and checking with them about which areas are open to the public.

blackwater SP
hi string…i made it up to Blackwater State Park …looks like a nice creek to paddle …but i’m thinking it may be a shuttle kind of trip …creek has some current to it …lots of sandy shallows and some deeper pools as observed from the bridge. Not all that wide. there is a outfit that will deliver you a kayak rental but i forget the name, just look in travel brochures. There is a canoe rental place enroute to Blackwater SP… just a mile or so outside the park. bays were too windy and rough to do any paddling.

I called the Kayak Experience and the
woman I talked to was very friendly . It will be the first place I visit while my wife does other things. Thanks!