anyone near SD own a Clipper Sea-1

After reading several posts about decked canoes, I have my sights on a Clipper Sea-1, but would like to try one first. Of the nine canoes I’ve purchased, I’ve never tried one before purchasing, but given the cost of the Sea-1, I think paddling one first would be prudent. I’d appreciate hearing from anyone close (300 miles) to east central South Dakota willing to let me try their Sea-1. My intended use of it would be weekend trips on the Missouri River (read wind and waves.) I strongly prefer the seating and single blade technique of canoe paddling. Too bad more decked canoes aren’t available.

Road Trip!!!
Perfect time of year to ditch the snow in SD and head for balmy BC and go straight up to the factory and pick one up, jest like John Cash got his Caddylak.

Paddletothesea is a good one to talk to about the trips you’re undertaking. Too bad you just missed the Lewis and Clark expedition. Captain Clark used to post on here but not lately.

If I remember right…
I was emailed some questions awhile back about the Sea 1 from someone in your area. I’m not sure if they ordered one or not afterwards. Send Lynne an email at Clipper and ask her if they know of anyone in your area with a Sea 1. If so, Lynne could likely email them for you and ask about having them give you a test paddle.

It is a great canoe, I certainly was happy with mine over the course of my 6 month solo trip across Canada.


Thanks for the suggestion
Thanks for the suggestion, Joe. I will get in touch with Lynne at Clipper.

I have enjoyed reading about your trip across Canada. My own adventures on the local frog pond pale in comparison, but maybe I can broaden my horizons some day. Thanks again.

Thanks for the comments about my trip. Let me know if Lynne knows of anyone with a Sea 1 you can demo. Hope it works out man!

Cheers…Joe O’