Anyone Own a Ford Maverick Pick-Up?

I’ve been looking at these lately, it seems that they are impossible to buy, but maybe that will change with next year’s model. I’m wondering if anyone has found a roof rack and if anyone has used a bed cap?
Also interested in general comments on reliability and mileage. I own an ancient 4 cylinder Ranger and a 2nd generation prius so I really don’t care if it is not a powerful engine package.

Ford sells the caps. IMO these are at the extreme end of the disappearing pickup bed syndrome. I used to own a long bed Ranger; doubt I could fit my bicycle in a Maverick without taking the wheels off. CU says the 2wd hybrid gets great gas mileage.

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I have seen a lot of them around town as delivery vehicles. Everyone I ask likes them, but the bed is small. If I was going to buy one that size, I would go with the Hyundai Santa Cruz right now, but by next year, I bet everyone has one this size. I have seen photos of a Nissan, that looks like it is based on the Rogue.