anyone own a kokotak sea O2 PFD?

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this PFD and what they may think of them.


yep, have used it for several months now
I like it, in fact I like it a lot. It has replaced my Lotus Locean as the main PFD…also added a Retroglide this year and dont like the boxy shape of it at all, the Retroglice is relagated to guests.

Though I have the Sea O2 for the last many dips in the water even it has become second fiddle to the tuliq…but when paddling ‘normal’ kayaks its the one i grab…

I think there are many comments here at but here is the bottom line:

lightweight, little on the back for high seats (but you would remove a high back seat for a good back band anyway), 2 nice pockets which were a surprise, can inflate/deflate with the tube-so if you see weather or conditions coming you can up the flotation as much as you want OR you can use the emergency pull cord using the CO2 container…

Like all Kokatat products it is well made—and costs accordingly…if you have to wear a PFD and you do dont you, its not a bad choice at all…you will like the fact that deflated it still has 7 pounds of flotation which is enough for most but not all people…

Sea O2
It rides high but is very comfortable. The flotation is on the chest and shoulderblades leaving the mid and lower back just covered with mesh. No interference on the sides, lots of arm clearance. 2 pockets on front. 1 sized for a GPS, or pocket camera with a buckle closure, the other about 6x6 in. with a zip closure.

I am very happy with it.