Anyone own a Perception Montour 11.0?

Today I just purchased a Perception Montour 11.0 kayak. I won’t have a chance to use it until the weather gets a bit warmer but I’m really excited to get it in the water.

I’m just curious if anyone else owns the same kayak and what they use theirs for (fishing, flat water lakes, rivers, etc)? Do you like it? Do you wish you went with something else? Does it stay fairly straight during paddling?

Would love to here from anyone on this. Thanks!

I don’t have that, but similar.
I have the America 11, which is also Perception, and very similar in design, but without the skeg. It tracks better than my 14’ Stingray. I’d say you will be very pleased with tracking. Stability should be fairly good too. Don’t expect it to speed along or against current much, but it’s not designed for that much.

You won’t find a lot of info about the Montour, as I think it’s exclusive to Dick’s Sporting Goods. I may be wrong there, but that’s what I was told. Can’t find anyone selling it on a Google search either.

I checked one out, it’s simular to the
Perception America 11. I had the 11 for a while but I was really too big for it. I purchased a used America 13.5. All were good, stable, beginner boats.

Check out the Product Reviews
Check Product Reviews on this site. I posted a review of my Montour as have several others. Watch out - bought my Montour two years ago to putz around the local lake, now have several boats, travel to paddle and think about kayaking all the time.

Montour was a great first boat - enjoy.

Montour 11.0
I guess by now you’ve been out in your Montour. I bought my Montour 11.0 over a year ago and got a lot of kayaking in last summer and fall – and LOVED it. It is a really comfortable rec boat. The tracking is great with the skeg. My husband has a Pungo and since he’s stronger the skeg is a real benefit because I’m speedier and track straighter. It’s a really great, fun boat and I am glad I got it. It’s exclusive to Dick’s and I think it’s a better deal than Perception’s comparable boats available elsewhere. Enjoy it!

I have both the America 11 and Montour 11. I use them both. Both are excellent. America 11 has lots of room and stability. It tracks really well and is very manuverable for it’s width. It’s great for hot summer days when you need room to breath. I also works well on winding rivers. I use a Manta Ray paddle by Aquabond to handle the extra width of the boat.

The Montour 11 is a crossover between a recreation and white water. With the skeg up it’s more manuverable (but not like a true whitewater boat) and with it down it tracks better. I usually have the skeg up as I am usually on winding rivers. I like the narrowness of the boat which gives it some zip. I like that there is no divided bulkhead in front so I can lie down in the boat to get under those low fallen trees. I like the rear hatch which is pretty large and can hold whatever i need to. You can add more stuff under the front beyond the food pads to balance the boat. The Montour 11 is my go to boat now. Depending on where I’m paddling I go between a shorter high angel paddle for quick response in tight areas and a longer (230cm) lower angle paddle for longer distance which is easier on the shoulders. I paddle year round and both boats do great. I will say that the Montour does a little better on going over logs (with the skeg up) as there is no keel to make the boat unweildy if you are balancing on the stern. You are lucky to have the Montour. If it’s a blue/green one and you ever sell it let me know. Mine is red/yellow. Happy paddles!