Anyone paddle a Indian River canoe?

A local marina has a 12’ fiberglass solo Indian River canoe for $350. Is it a good canoe? A good deal?

Thanks in advance

Seems Kind of high
For a used 12 foot fiberglass canoe. but if it is in good shape they are decent and not the lowest quality. My was not chopper gun quality but it wasn’t the best quality and it was inexpensive and lasted years before it needed major repairs.

I’d say they are nice canoes for ponds and small lakes.

Aw, Ken,
why don’t you just go ahead and splurge and get yourself a Tupper like mine? Pier 17 Inc in Jax is a dealer for Vermont Canoe.

If you go to Raystown, and see all those beautiful canoes, you’ll want one.

12 feet is too small.
As much as I like my daughters little 14 foot Sandpiper and have placed every year in the New River canoe race with it, it is two or three strokes on the left, then two or three on the right unless I lilly dip and use a J stroke.

I would pass on it, but that is just me.