Anyone Paddle Bass Lake, California?

Hi, I’m looking for some general information about Bass Lake. I’ve never been there before and am planning on going this Oct 14-17.

I am going to camp for 2 nights. Any suggestions or information about paddling, and camping would be great.

I’m sure it will be just fine eithere way, but thought I’d ask around for any info.

The weather is supposed to be sunny, a little cool, but sunny.


Where Is Bass Lake?
I have heard of it, but don’t even really know where it is. What elevation is it?

Near Yosemite National Park
It’s 20 minutes South of Yosemite Park, and a little North of Fresno. It looks pretty nice. I think it is rated one of California’s most scenic lakes with lots to do for vacationers’ and tourists.

I just want to paddle a bit, and relax camping now that the crowds are gone. I’ll also take my mountain bike.

Thanks Cuda,


been there, but not paddled
I have been there a decent amount, but never paddled it. Given this, some comments:

  • in the Places2Paddle section of this site, there is a listing for Bass Lake. I haven’t read it, but it may provide some guidance.

  • it isn’t a very large lake - maybe 3 miles long from tip to tip.

  • they only guarantee to maintain the water level until Labor Day (for all the folks who live there and use it for recreation). After that, it does get drawn down some when they need the water for the central valley farmers and such.

It was nice
We did Bass Lake several years ago, immediately after Labor Day. We stayed at the resort and liked it. It was quite that week. There’s lots of camping, but it will be cold in October.

We had our SOT that I paddled around for an hour. I was nowhere near being able to paddle the whole lake in that short time. I think its a little longer than 3 miles, maybe around 4. I liked it, the scenery was nice, and would go there again.

Have a good time.