anyone paddle in the Winston-Salem area?

Hey, the oldest begins her tour of duty in Winston Salem in 6 weeks. I’ll be going over every now and then…so any paddling spots in the vacinity of Wake Forest University?

I know of the large lakes in the region but we’ll be looking for something real close for an hour of practice after class. Thanks for any clues.

If Kudzu doesn’t reply…
…send him an e-mail.

He is down in that neck of the woods.



Good Morning, Jack

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I was just figuring out how to best reply! I think an off-line email is best.

I'm on cup #2 and getting psyched for some more punishment. Seems like all my biker buddies are gearing up for an event. Two are training for a triathlon in two weeks and one is training for the state senior games time trials. I'm doing great just to hang on.

Did I see in another post that your daughter bought an Epic? Cool!

She got an Epic 18
and I am tickled pink for her.

She can just about stay with me on a short sprint and she is only using a touring paddle.

I visualize her beating dear old dad as son as I can convince her to get a wing paddle.

Hey O.T. here.

We had a ball yesterday at the Grandfather Mountain Scottish Highland games.

I did the timing for the marathon (40th annual) and my daughter and wife worked the results table.

This year they not only had the 5 mile “Bear run” which ended on top of the mountain, but they added a 65 mile “Grizzly” bike ride. (think about it for next year)

The hard core marathoners all agree that this race has the most awesome finish of the races they have run.

It ends with the runners doing a lap around the quarter mile track in MacCray meadows wich is completely surrounded by the varous Scottish tent/pavilions and thousands of spectators in the stands while bag pipers are piping the runners home.

I droppd a casual hint to the App. State Running coach who is in charge of the Marathon, “Bear” and “Grizzly” that they add a paddle sport race next year, but he just chuckled.

At Friday nights post race meal, they had a real interesting guest speaker talk on pre race, race day morning, during the race and post race nutrition/fueling which applies to any endurance sport . Naturally I was applying it to myself for The Lumber River 40 miler and the Adarondack 90 miler.



yes, thanks for the contact info
i’ll pass it along to her and hopefully join a few paddles myself.

I Hope That Link is Helpful
Let me know if there’s anything else I can do.

Jack, I bet YOU could be a guest speaker and teach about endurance nutrition!

I’m back and having another cup. It was a good morning on the bike. I told Mrs. Kudzu she can hold her head up out in the community. I didn’t bring shame to the family.

Learned the old school way
and every thing I did was wrong.

Now every thing I do is right, and I haven’t bonked in many years but the old bod kind of rebels every now and then.



ha ha
All the runners we saw were walking, looking miserable, but the games were great!

Medicineman: check on mudflat rangers on yahoo, and there’s another group centered in Greensboro, that would be a bit closer. Lots of lovely lakes and slow rivers in the Piedmont.

Did you get to see those guys doing
the caber toss?

  • 17 feet long (diameter of a telephone pole) and they toss it end over end.

    I got a hernia a couple of years ago just trying to get a fourteen foot one upright into a hole.

    I had the best seat (stand) in the house at the finish line, except I had too many sweaty guys wanting to give me a hug after I gave them their times and they turned out to be PR’s.

    That was the nicest weather they have had in a long time



i’m a little skinny guy, McLeod by clan,and can’t imagine what it’d be like to live inside one of those bodies–am partial to the piping myself. crazy to have a ghg w/o beer though!