Anyone paddle the rivers in Middle Tn.?

I love to fish the rivers while kayaking. I really enjoy the nice cool water on these hot days. I have enjoyed the Harpeth, Buffalo and the Piney. I have not chose to go to the Caney. I was told sewage was a problem. I have about memorized the trips I have been so much. I am looking for somewhere new that the fishing is awesome. Anyone got any tips?

I don’t fish so I can’t comment on that. There are stretches of the Elk and Duck Rivers that are quite pleasant.

A bit farther east is the Sequatchie River which is also a nice Class I stream. The Big South Fork of the Cumberland (the part below the gorge flowing into Kentucky) is a magnificent overnight or multi-day trip but does involve some whitewater.

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I have kayaked the Elk also, too much paddling catching the rainbow trout was nice but the water is so cold I would not swim in July of last year. I have not tried the Duck. That may be my next adventure.

I was born and raised in Western North Carolina. I enjoy the white water. As long as you know …How to read the River. White water is a lot of fun. Thank you

Well, again I don’t know about fishing, but the Big South Fork of the Cumberland is one of the premier overnight or three day trips in the Southeast. The stretch is from Leatherwood Ford down, and I have usually taken out at Blue Heron Mine as the river becomes a bit less interesting below.

Most of the rapids on that stretch are Class I-II but there are two rapids that deserve a bit more respect. They are variably rated at Class III, Class III+, or Class IV depending on water level and who you talk to. The first is Angel Falls about 1 1/2 miles below Leatherwood. The second is Devil’s Jump, almost within spitting distance of the Blue Heron Mine take-out.

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Yes, water is a bit cold because on the stretches just below Tim’s Ford Lake it is coming out of the dam near the bottom of the lake.

I used to live on Tim’s Ford Lake.

Thank you so much