Anyone paddle the Savage by Savage River


If yes, what are your thoughts on this boat?

There aren’t any reviews and no referneces in the archives.

It seems like a pretty interesting boat for there not to be any discussion of it on this board.

I think it looks like a pretty interesting boat.

Just looking
it doesn’t hit me as a whitewater boat, at least not our new england ww. Lack of rocker, pointy ends, and length would keep it on quiet water if I owned one.

The First sentence.

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Sums it up. A specialty boat for experienced paddlers. It was designed as a whitewater down river racer and WW down river racers tend to paddle fast and hard with few if any bracing type strokes. Although I have never paddled the Savage I have raced like boats(many years ago)and IMHO they behave a lot better if kept going faster then the current.BTW raced many lack of rocker, pointy boats of the same length on a whole host of rocky NE rivers, but there is a learning curve involved to avoid major boat damage.

heck of a lot
better answer than mine Bill. I forgot all about down river racing, and stopped reading at the cl.3. I was thinking PLAYTIME!

Downriver racer
Does fine for an open boat in class 3. Yes I have paddled one. It requires hit and switch and good balance.

Not a playboat…its for those on the serious racing circuit.

They are not inexpensive. I think the one I looked at was near five thousand.

Yep. Have paddled one. Custom one.

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To be exact, I paddled Diller's (Savage River owner) Savage canoe. The dimensions were slightly different in his, deeper (and maybe a touch longer?). Still close, and he stated it handled the same.

I paddled it on flat water and in ice. This canoe, the RapidFire, and the SummerSong are the only go straight canoes I have ever liked. It is fast and behaves well (turns well with slight lean). I found it to be as fast as the Otegan, which did not like to turn for me.

The build is light. That is the reason I do not have one. I like my canoes tougher as I am rough on them.

Five thousand sounds high to me. As I remember it was in low two thousand range. Still listed at $2,400 I believe.

It is a sweet canoe!!!



I saw the Diller
It was however modified to meet my friends needs and it cost more of course.

The plus from Savage is that you can have input into designing your own boat. They also do off the rack sales.

Originally designed as a downriver race boat, it’s deeper than the boats most of us paddle, is very efficient, tracks pretty well while still being responsive to turning strokes. The initial stability is on the low side, so it is definitely not a boat for beginners or for folks who like their canoes to have the stability of a cruise liner.